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May 20 - May 26, 2020
Please give to St. John's as we continue to do the work of Christ in these challenging times.
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MAY 24, 2020

On Sunday morning, please CLICK HERE to find a Sunday Worship Service video, children's sermon, Sunday School material, resources for prayer, formation, and much more.

You may also join us on Facebook at  10:00 A.M.  so we can worship together as a community.  CLICK HERE  to connect on Sunday morning.

Please give to St. John's as we continue to do the work of Christ in these challenging times.
MAY 31, 2020
We are looking for musicians, readers, and volunteers to help us pass the Peace! We hope ALL students will be a part of passing the Peace. Please sign up to participate in the peace video and/or other leadership roles.  Please check emails for sign up link.
Please check our Online Church page for links to any of the offerings below:
Tuesdays at Noon: Noonday Prayer
Thursday at Noon: Facebook Live-stream
If you have any questions or topics you'd like to cover for the Facebook Live-stream
please email Peter in advance of the live stream on Thursday.

Lectio-Divina and Centering Prayer groups meet weekly via Zoom. If you would like to join in, please email Brad directly.
Zoom Daily Office
A Monday - Friday virtual gathering to frame our days around a regular life of prayer. Each day will offer three of the Daily Offices from our Book of Common Prayer: Morning Prayer at 7:30 a.m.; Evening Prayer at 5:00 p.m; and Compline at 9:00 p.m. Zoom Daily Office is a new Spirituality Group in REALM. To join, contact Brad directly.
Join us for a new series on the Book of Proverbs for kids (and families). Visit our Online Church Page to see the latest Pop! Into Proverbs video posted there in the "Offerings for Children and Families" section, or watch on our YouTube channel. Episode 6 is now available!

Additional resources for faith and family building activities: Family Faith-Building Ideas and Mealtime Conversation Starters.
HEY PARENTS! OPERATION SWEET SURPRISE IS UNDERWAY! Mr. Matt needs your help with a small surprise for his young (and young at heart) friends. Now we all know that one of the favorite days in Sunday School is Sundae Sunday, when everyone gets to have ice cream in the middle of the morning to celebrate the year.  Since we cannot join together for Sundae Sunday this year, let's try to surprise the kids with a virtual version. We are asking parents to get some sort of frozen treat (ice cream, popsicles, etc.) to hide away until Sunday, June 7th.  During the Children's Sermon on that day, Mr. Matt will talk about how we are missing Sundae Sunday, and then POW! we will surprise the kids by giving them ice cream at home. So, during the video when you hear Mr. Matt say, "I wish I could give a sweet surprise to all my friends", bring out the treats. I think it will be a fun way to wrap things up, and should make for a memorable morning in your homes. Thanks in advance for the help, and have fun being sneaky with Matt!
Please see Confirmation, Baptism, and VBS updates in the
Announcements section below.
Please check your email for the Prayer List. Please email Kerry in the church office with prayer requests.  

St John’s Women’s Fellowship Hour
Every Thursday at 8:00 pm
Please join us on Thursdays at 8:00 pm to enjoy an hour of virtual fellowship. Please check your email for Zoom links.
Join us daily on Facebook and Instagram as we read through all 31 Proverbs!
MAY 24th
6th grade - 12th grade parents are invited to join us Monday, May 25th at 7:30PM
To help encourage charitable giving in 2020, the CARES Act provides several key changes to 2020 charitable contribution rules. As you consider your giving to St. John’s, please keep these changes in mind (and always seek the advice of your tax advisor):
  •  Individuals who take the standard deduction typically do not get any deduction for charitable gifts. For 2020, the CARES Act creates a $300 ($600 married filing jointly) above-the-line deduction for a taxpayer who takes the standard deduction and makes cash gifts to public charities, such as churches.
  • The cap on annual contributions for those who itemize has been lifted. So, now taxpayers can make total 2020 donations to charities up to 100% of adjusted gross income, instead of 60%. 
While it was anticipated that Vacation Bible School (VBS) would not happen in June, there was a small hope that we could postpone it until later in the summer. Unfortunately, the guidance provided by the Diocese makes it clear that an in-person VBS is not possible this year . With that said, we are exploring a "Virtual Vacation Bible School" option, so stay tuned for more information!
On Friday, we received the latest guidance from the Diocese regarding the multi-stage plan to re-open churches. In that guidance, the Bishop indicates that, "It is appropriate to delay confirmations until the community can be together. Regional confirmations will take place once we may gather, in consultation with the bishop’s office." There was no specific date mentioned. This suggests that the Bishops will not be conducting confirmations until either Stage 3 or Stage 4 of the plan. Given the public health indicators necessary to move into these later stages, it seems safe to say that it will be September at the earliest  before regional confirmations are held.  We will obviously keep you updated as we learn more from the Diocese , but this seems to be the current thinking of the Bishops. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Williams via email or the church website.
On Friday, we received the latest guidance from the Diocese regarding the multi-stage plan to re-open churches. In that guidance, the Bishop states that "It is appropriate to delay baptisms until the community can be together. If done, this service could be incorporated into the main service video on Sunday, or can it be performed privately."  The plan goes on to state that baptisms may begin taking place in Stage 2, with strict restrictions on the number of people present for the worship service (25 in total). At this point, the earliest we will enter Stage 2 is July 1.  The clergy at St. John's are still processing the Diocesan guidance, and have not determined if and how baptisms may be performed in the various stages.  As soon as we have a sense of how community baptisms may be possible, we will share those options with you. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Matt Williams via email or the church website.
 To the members of St. John Episcopal Church,
I am writing on behalf of the many families who have received your generous donations of essential items. We are all so grateful and quite appreciative.
Your church has been a true blessing during this pandemic. This pandemic has physically separated our community but spiritually and emotionally pulled us closer together. Your thoughtfulness has helped us to be an asset to our under served families.
We will always be grateful. Please accept our sincerest thanks and God Bless.
Carlenia G. Ivory
CMS Family Engagement and Community Partnership
We will continue to collect essential items for CMS students and families in need until June 9, 2020. Please check your emails for the list of needed items and how you can help.
Attention Dr. Cooley Bible Study Participants:  For almost a decade, Dr. Cooley, as St. John’s resident theological archaeologist, led an enriching and spiritual exploration of the Bible.  If you were a lucky parishioner who attended these Sunday classes and benefited from this ministry, you may wish to join in a very special project to honor Dr. Cooley.   Please contact me, Tracey Gillespie via REALM if you are interested in learning more.
Mecklenburg County’s Metropolitan Interfaith Network receives requests from different agencies and ministries who work with the most vulnerable populations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. One of the requests was for the donation of gently-used tents and camping equipment. Please contact Deacon Wendy Merrill via REALM if you are interested in donating.
As happens in many catastrophic events the supply of blood for transfusions becomes critically short. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.  Please consider giving blood to help others. Call your nearest American Red Cross center for their hours of operation or for Blood Mobile locations: 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or Email: customercare@redcross.org. Donating your blood to someone else is an essential gift that keeps on giving.
Living during this COVID-19 Pandemic means we are all experiencing many challenges including having to physically distance ourselves from others for protection. These types of challenges can cause stress, which may lead to feelings of anxiety or depression. 
The good news is we don’t have to be alone. We can be intentional about staying in contact with others through emails, texts, “snail mail”, and phone calls. When experiencing anxiety and/or depression, a call to a healthcare provider is the first recommendation. In addition to contacting a physician, we can reach out to agencies that are in place to support us. Here are help sources available 24/7 listed below:
·    Mecklenburg & Cabarrus 24 hr. Call Line: 1-800-939-5911
·    Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
          Helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
·    AA Meeting Locator: 1-844-334-6862
·    Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
(NOTE: If anyone has a problem finding an online AA Meeting please call Deacon Wendy Merrill. She has a contact who may be of help.)
St. John's EYC Youth / Youth Families are available to help to older or immune-compromised members with any errands, so they can reduce their risk of exposure. This could include grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, picking up take out food, and more. Parish Members who would like help can contact Jillianne Booth in REALM. Please include name, address, need or errand desired, and date errand needs to be completed. 
The Parish Shop is still hard at work looking for ways to serve you! We have been able to partner with a couple of our vendors to offer their products through these links:

  • Jane Marie, LLC is a regional, small family-owned business offering fun and classic jewelry and accessories. Bonus: they are offering a 10% discount with a special code available to you! DISCOUNT CODE: 157248 CLICK HERE FOR JANE MARIE
  • Bridgewater Candle Company, a Greenville/Spartanburg area company, is a favorite with several parishioners. Every candle purchased feeds a food insecure orphan for a whole day. They also have hand sanitizer! CLICK HERE FOR BRIDGEWATER CANDLES
  • Lastly, The Parish Shop has opened up the ability to purchase digital gift cards through "Square"! Follow our link to purchase a gift card for you or some one you love to use at The Parish Shop! CLICK HERE FOR PARISH SHOP GIFT CARDS

Please follow the Parish Shop Facebook page HERE.
  • 2,946 individuals (1,111 children and 192 seniors) served this week.
  • Camino Community Center, Latin American Coalition, and the Migrant Assistance Project are the top three referral sources
  • Many people who weeks earlier were gainfully employed, are now are figuring out how to navigate the social services network for the first time. 
  • Several high volume referral partner agencies were trained in making online referrals.
  • Thank you to each of the generous donors!
Loaves & Fishes Latest Updates can be found here: LOAVES & FISHES .
 Help Galilee Ministries feed more people!  During the COVID-19 "Stay at Home" orders, Galilee is working with Charlotte Community Kitchen to expand their community meals to three meals a week. These meals are safely prepared by furloughed restaurant workers and served take out style on Galilee's front lawn or hand delivered to senior and differently abled adults in the neighborhood. If you would like to treat our neighbors to some good, home cooked, nutritious food, please consider making a donation. Donations of any amount will make a difference and can be made here:  CLICK HERE TO DONATE  or mailed to 3601 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205.
Please contact these organizations directly for up-to-date information about their needs and ways to support them. Below is a list of local community outreach organizations that are supported by St. John's. Please click the links below to find out about their response to COVID-19, how they are helping others in our community, and what you can do to help in their efforts.


The Intercessory Prayer Team would love to pray for you! All requests are confidential.
Please connect in REALM in order to stay connected with your group, ministry, and other parishioners. Please share photos with your church family. Join the STAYING CONNECTED group in REALM to post pictures and help us stay connected or email them to Rebekah.
We will post emails, update the website, and post on Facebook to stay connected with you. Check our WEBSITE and FACEBOOK frequently for updates and postings each week.
All in person events at St. John's are postponed until further notice.