WEEKLY UPDATE: June 7, 2021
Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the survey regarding comfort levels with ongoing CUMC worship and activities. The complete results are available. Please contact Cindy in the office if you wish to have a copy printed or emailed to you.
Per the May 19th CUMC leadership update, we will worship outside through June 13. The Church Council and the Healthy Church Team will meet again on Tuesday, June 15 to evaluate CUMC services and activities and make recommendations for the future. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Amy, Carla Lee (Chair, Church Council), or Bill Peters (Lay Leader).

Vacation Bible School
July 19-23, 2021
6pm - 8pm

Come! Taste! Share!
At Cunningham UMC's VBS, children will explore five stories about Jesus and learn that everyone is welcome at God's table where there is always enough. Open to 3 year-olds through 5th grade.

June 7 - 1 Samuel 13-16
June 8 - 1 Samuel 17-20
June 9 - 1 Samuel 21-24
June 10 - 1 Samuel 25-28
June 11 - 1 Samuel 29-31
June 12 - Psalm 70-72
June 13 - Proverbs 24
June 14 - 2 Corinthians 1-3
Mon. June 7
  • 9-11am Feeding the Hungry (Gathering Place)
  • 7pm Bible Study (Zoom) Zoom link: Click here
  • 7pm SPRC Meeting (Zoom)

Fri. June 11
  • 1pm Singles Group (Gathering Place)

Sun. June 13
  • 9:30am Worship (Outdoor & Virtual)
  • 2pm Feeding the Hungry (Gathering Place)
  • 3:30pm Bells Practice (Fellowship Hall)
  • 5pm Confirmation (Gathering Place)
June 10- Sam Edwards
June 14- Nicole Kent

Watch the June 6th Service!
  • Pat Alderman (sister-in-law of Bill & Margaret Alderman)
  • Erin Apperson (neighbor of Kim & Craig Conboy)
  • Kenny Berryman (Joyce Black's nephew)
  • Franci Boehl (sister of Kate Skovira)
  • Mary Boyd (mother of Candy Pleasant)
  • Ellis Brown (great-niece of Nancy Sindy)
  • Randy Dorsey (son of Randall and Karen Dorsey)
  • Carol Frost
  • Elizabeth Garrett (friend of Amy Grant)
  • Jim Gianniny (son of Bob & Alma Gianniny)
  • Cole Hagerty (great-nephew of Dave Zimmerman)
  • Walter Lee Haney
  • Marie Hussey
  • Bill Kent (father of Fred Kent)
  • Nicole Kent
  • Anna Koch (granddaughter of Charleene Frazier)
  • Dawn Koch (daughter-in-law of Charleene Frazier)
  • Charlie McHugh (friend of Roger Black)
  • Estelle Neher
  • Anna Nichols
  • Dottie Nickerson
  • Adalene Peters
  • Jerry Peters (brother of Bill Peters)
  • Thelma Pleasant (mother of Richard Pleasant)
  • Mabel Powell
  • Peggy Powell
  • Chuck Ruehle
  • Sandy Shelton & family
  • Theresa Shifflett (daughter of Mabel Powell)
  • Chris Tingle & family (niece of Richard Payne)
  • Chuck Wright (friend of Roger Black)
  • Dennis Yokoyama (neighbor of Dee Dee Kent)
  • The Worldwide United Methodist Church

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434-591-1363 www.cunninghamumc.org