WEEKLY UPDATE: April 5, 2021
CUMC celebrated Easter services outside. It was wonderful worshipping with so many friends and family again!
The Fluvanna Food Pantry has the following needs for April:
·        Individual-sized cereal boxes,
Individual-sized chips,
·        Individual-cup applesauce
·        Family-sized salad dressing,
·        Regular/family-sized cereal
Please drop off at the church office, M-Th, 9-12. Or bring the items to in-person worship on Sunday. 

Coming Soon:
A New Bible Study
Our Eastertide Bible study is based on Amy-Jill Levine's Sermon on the Mount. In this study we'll explore the major topics of the most popular sermon ever delivered and unpack how Jesus used his knowledge of Hebrew scriptures with moral teachings. This six-week study will be offered on Monday evenings @ 7pm via Zoom starting April 19. You can order your book at Amazon, Cokesbury, or your local bookseller. Contact Pastor Amy if you are interested in attending.

Apr 5- John 16-18
Apr 6- John 19-21
Apr 7- Deut 1-4
Apr 8- Deut 5-8
Apr 9- Deut 9-12
Apr 10- Psalm 43-45
Apr 11 - Proverbs 15
Apr 12- Deut 13-16
Mon. Apr. 5
  • 9-11am Feeding the Hungry (Gathering Place)

Thur. Apr 8
  • Church Office Closed

Sun. Apr. 11
  • 9:30am Worship (Sanctuary & Virtual)
  • 2pm Feeding the Hungry (Gathering Place)
  • 3:30pm Bells Practice (Fellowship Hall)

Apr 6- Rose Brogan, Connor Brophy, & Towler Westcoat
Apr 8 - Marilyn Payne, Katelin Perkins, & Janet Yeslavich
Apr 9 - Heather Marshall
Apr 9- Todd & Pat Carney (Anniv)
Apr 11- Dawn Brindle & Ken Merhar

Watch the April 4th Service!
  • Kenny Berryman (Joyce Black's nephew)
  • Franci Boehl (sister of Kate Skovira)
  • Mary Boyd (mother of Candy Pleasant)
  • Ellis Brown (great-niece of Nancy Sindy)
  • Chuck (friend of Roger Black)
  • Sandra Clarke
  • Craig Dresser (son-in-law of Dottie Nickerson)
  • Elizabeth Garrett (friend of Amy Grant)
  • Eric Grant (brother of Ken Grant)
  • Walter Lee Haney
  • Walter Hartwell (neighbor of Craig & Kim Conboy)
  • Charlie McHugh (friend of Roger Black)
  • Erin Merhar (daughter of Ken & Linda Merhar)
  • Linda Merhar
  • Estelle Neher
  • Anna Nichols
  • Dottie Nickerson
  • Charisse Ott (friend of Dee Dee Kent)
  • Barry Parrish (brother of Doris Shiflett)
  • Adalene Peters
  • Thelma Pleasant (mother of Richard Pleasant)
  • Mabel Powell
  • Chuck Ruehle (former member of CUMC)
  • Theresa Shifflett (daughter of Mabel Powell)
  • Chris Tingle & family (niece of Richard Payne)
  • Bonnie Woody (friend of Dee Dee Kent)
  • The Worldwide United Methodist Church

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434-591-1363 www.cunninghamumc.org