WEEKLY UPDATE: January 10, 2022

The Cunningham Church Council has approved our 2022 General Operating Fund budget which pays for our connection to the larger United Methodist Church; our programs for music, Vacation Bible School, Messy Church, hospitality, and missions/ outreach; our Pastor, Music Minister, Administrative/ Financial Assistant and our new position for Youth and Children Ministries; our monthly mortgage payments; and our other operating expenses such as insurance, electricity, janitorial and maintenance for the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, the Gathering Place, and the parsonage.

Thank you for your consideration of our needs for 2022 as we continue our progress to return to normal through increased in-person Church activities as well as additional outreach and mission opportunities. If you have not yet had a chance to return a commitment card to the Church, there is still an opportunity to do so and we will continue to dedicate those cards as we receive them. If you need a commitment card or have a question please contact Walter Hussey, our Finance Chair, or the Church office.

Mon. Jan. 10
  • 3-4pm Missions Committee Meeting (zoom)

Tues. Jan. 11
  • 7 pm Trustees Meeting (Fellowship Hall)

Wed. Jan. 12
  • 7-8pm Choir Practice (Sanctuary)

Sun. Jan 16
  • 9:30am Worship (In Person & Virtual)
  • 10:45am Bells Practice (Fellowship Hall)

Jan 11- Tiffany Whyte
Jan 12- Alex Haney & Tyler Muddiman
Jan 13- Cindy Garrett

Watch the January 9th Service
  • Pat Alderman (sister-in-law of Bill & Margaret Alderman)
  • Delaney Carter Black
  • Marilee Black
  • Franci Boehl (sister of Kate Skovira)
  • Tom Bowman (son-in-law of Ken & Linda Merhar)
  • Mary Boyd (mother of Candy Pleasant)
  • Ellis Brown (great-niece of Nancy Sindy)
  • Hal Craig (brother of Wayne Craig)
  • Sherry Esch & Family
  • Lois Faber (friend of Dottie Nickerson)
  • Charleene Frazier
  • Carol Frost
  • Elizabeth Garrett (friend of Amy Grant)
  • Faye Gordon
  • Walter Lee Haney
  • Marie Hussey
  • Bill Kent (father of Fred Kent)
  • Anna Koch (granddaughter of Charleene Frazier)
  • Jen Koch's Family (daughter-in-law of Charleene Frazier)
  • Linda Mayhew
  • Elaine Moorefield (sister of Jeff Butcher)
  • Estelle Neher
  • Anna Nichols
  • Dottie Nickerson
  • Eric Nickerson (son of Dottie Nickerson)
  • Anne Peed
  • Adalene Peters
  • Jerry Peters (brother of Bill Peters)
  • Thelma Pleasant (mother of Richard Pleasant)
  • Mabel Powell
  • Peggy Powell
  • Chuck Ruehle
  • Theresa Shifflett (daughter of Mabel Powell)
  • Chris Tingle & family (niece of Richard Payne)
  • Margaret Frost Tobat
  • The Worldwide United Methodist Church

3389 Thomas Jefferson Parkway, Palmyra, VA 22963
434-591-1363 www.cunninghamumc.org