WEEKLY UPDATE: January 18, 2021
Coming Soon: Lenten Bible Study

The cross is the central symbol of the Christian faith. But why was the cross necessary, and what does it mean for us today? Our Lenten Bible study based on Savior: What the Bible Says About the Cross by Magrey deVega addresses these questions. This six-week study will be offered on Monday Evenings @ 7pm via Zoom from February 22 - March 29. You can order your book online at Amazon or Cokesbury or at your local bookseller.

Contact Pastor Amy if you have questions or if you are interested in participating in a daytime study.

Due to the increased number of COVID cases in the Commonwealth, CUMC will continue with online services only thru the end of January.

Please see below for online links.
CUMC'S UMW would like to recognize Fluvanna Meals on Wheels for a successful 2020 despite the challenges that were created by Covid 19. They were able to create a new normal and continue delivering meals to their clients each day.

"For with God, Nothing is Impossible!" Luke 1:37

Jan 18- Genesis 45-48
Jan 19- Genesis 49-50
Jan 20- Matthew 1-3
Jan 21- Matthew 4-6
Jan 22- Matthew 7-9
Jan 23- Psalm 10-12
Jan 24- Proverbs 4
Jan 25- Matthew 10-12
Mon. Jan.18
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • 9-11am Feeding the Hungry (Gathering Place)

Tues . Jan. 19
  • 7-8pm Church Council (Online)

Sun. Jan. 24
  • 9:30am Worship (online only)

Jan 18 - Chris Garrett
Jan 21 - Saige Haney
Jan 22 - Cora Lee Smith
Jan 24 - Edna Clark & Dick Sindy
Jan 25 - Theresa Simmons
Watch the January 17th Service!
  • Kenny Berryman (Joyce Black's nephew)
  • Franci Boehl (sister of Kate Skovira)
  • Mary Boyd (mother of Candy Pleasant)
  • Ellis Brown (great-niece of Nancy Sindy)
  • Holly Craig (Wayne Craig's sister-in-law)
  • Deborah Davis (family friend of Charleene Frazier)
  • Craig Dresser (son-in-law of Dottie Nickerson)
  • Elizabeth Garrett (friend of Amy Grant)
  • Eric Grant (brother of Ken Grant)
  • Jordi Harrington (grandson of Walter & Marie Hussey)
  • Lisa Hodge (family relation of Mary Anne Benvenutti)
  • Josie Maynard (friend of Dave Zimmerman)
  • Erin Merhar (daughter of Ken & Linda Merhar)
  • Linda Merhar
  • Ross & Rayna Moore (family friends of Sarah Covert)
  • Estelle Neher
  • Anna Nichols
  • Dottie Nickerson
  • Barry Parrish (Doris Shiflett's brother)
  • Carl & Adalene Peters
  • Candy Pleasant
  • Mabel Powell
  • Hughie Richardson (cousin of Jackie Richardson Peters)
  • Julia Rocchio (family friend of Charleene Frazier)
  • Theresa Shifflett (daughter of Mabel Powell)
  • Chris Tingle & family (niece of Richard Payne)
  • Dottie Wampler (mother of Laurie Baker)
  • Marge & Ron Washburn (friend of Tricia Callahan)
  • Maggie & Glenn Wilbourn (daughter & son-in-law of Mary Anne Benvenutti)
  • The Worldwide United Methodist Church

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