PCA Literary Award Nominations
The Popular Culture Association sponsors literary, documentary film, and electronic reference site awards each year.  Award winners will be announced at the annual convention in Boston, MA from June 2-5, 2021. Recipients do not need to be present at the conference to receive an award. 
Nomination Deadlines and Submissions:
Books published in 2020 are eligible for this year’s awards. To be considered, nominated materials must be postmarked before or on the following dates:  
  • January 30, 2021 for consideration of materials published by December 31, 2020.
  • March 15, 2021 Chairpersons report winners to VP of Awards. Winners are notified.
  • June 2021 Awards are presented at the annual PCA Conference. (Certificates will be mailed to those who cannot attend).
Early Bird Registration is Right Around the Corner!
Early Bird Registration begins soon; here are the conference rates for the 2021 Conference in Boston:

Presenter: Early Bird Registration: $175 || Regular Registration: $200 || Late registration: $225

Non-Presenter: Early Bird Registration: $225 || Regular Registration: $225 || Late Registration: $225

Retired: Early Bird Registration: $100 || Regular Registration: $100 || Late Registration: $100


Non-presenting Guest:  One $50 non-presenting guest registration may be purchased with each presenter registration at the time of registration ONLY. All presenters and their guests are subject to the PCA Code of Conduct

Day Passes: Day passes will still be available at the conference for $50 per day. There is a two-day limit.
Featured Area: Collecting & Collectibles
The recent special issue of the Journal of American Culture (Volume 43, Issue 1) was dedicated to Collectors and Collectibles, a special issue focusing on “the psychology of collecting, collections as history, social interaction and collecting, collecting vs. hoarding, altruism and collecting, and the cultural aspects of specific collections.” [i]
Building on this interest, the Collecting and Collectibles Area of the Popular Culture Association invites paper submissions on any topic involving collecting. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to:
  • why people collect (motives/motivations)
  • specific collectors and/or collections
  • social and cultural aspects of collecting
  • methods for researching collecting
  • the practice of collecting
  • theories of collecting
  • collecting theory vs. collecting practice
  • specific types of collectibles
  • the psychology of collecting
  • historical changes in collecting
  • collecting in/as contemporary popular culture
  • collecting as a metaphor in (post)modern life
  • consumerism and collecting
  • collecting and/as material culture
  • how the Internet has changed traditional collecting
  • new forms of collecting in a digital world

Popular Culture Fun Fact
Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in October 1990. Happy 30th!