August 19 - 25, 2016                                The Weekly Buzz: Update - Disaster Recover Info

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Zachary Wal Mart
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Friday, September 16
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Wed, September 28
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Schools to reopen:
Tuesday, August 23
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Tuesday, August 23
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Baton Rouge Area Events 

If your business sustained damage and you need assistance with cleaning out, please contact the Zachary Chamber and we will connect you with volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer to help businesses in our area clean up, please call the Zachary Chamber and get on the list.

CHAMBER OFFICE:  (225) 654-6777 
HEATHER PREJEAN: (225) 278-0394
KATE MACARTHUR: (225) 522-0235 
***If you leave a message at these numbers please state whether you are a business in need, a volunteer, and your contact information. 
THANK YOU! It's a great day to live in Zachary.  
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A Message from the City of Zachary inspector for home owners and business owners whose homes and/or businesses flooded:
To the citizens of Zachary-
If your house or business took in any water, doesn't matter how much, please come to the inspections office on Monday and pull a building permit. The permit is free. We will check the amount of water that your building took in and if it is less than 18 inches, you will need to sign a waiver, then you can proceed with fixing your place as you see fit. If you had 18 inches or more enter your house or business, you can meet with me and I will go over your options with you. This is to comply with FEMA regulations. Thanks and please tell everyone you know. We (the city) are trying to get this out to as many people as quickly as we can. Thank you for your help.

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The City of Zachary needs information to submit to FEMA in order to request federal assistance for our residents.  If you have experienced any damage associated with the high water event over the last couple of days, please email the following information to  This email has been set up for residents who live within the City limits of Zachary.  Those who live outside our city, but in East Baton Rouge Parish need to to through East Baton Rouge Parish at

The information we need is as follows: Name and contact information, address, a brief description of damage, amount of water in home (if known), if you own or rent your home, if you have flood insurance, and if you have any insurance.

We know everyone is very anxious to begin clean-up and to start re-building.  It is very important however to take pictures and document any damage before doing any work or clean-up on structures.  Document everything that was damaged.  If you buy supplies, keep the receipts. This will be very important in the next few days for submitting claims. We recommend compiling a folder with all of this information.  This will be especially important when an emergency declaration by FEMA is made allowing those without flood insurance to receive benefits.  Also, please make sure to contact YOUR insurance company or agent.  They will be able to tell you as well what you should and shouldn't do before an assessment of your property is completed.

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**See list of Licensed/Bonded Contractors at or

In the days to come following the flooding, the City of Zachary Building Inspector, Scott Masterson, would like to stress the importance of using a licensed and bonded contractor in your home for repairs. Unfortunately, not everyone you will come across will be properly licensed, which can become a big risk to the homeowner. Most repairs after a flooding incident do not require a permit, however a hired contractor can determine this. Work performed exceeding $7500 requires the use of a residential contractor that is licensed by the State of Louisiana and the City of Zachary.
For your protection, the City of Zachary has compiled a list of licensed and bonded contractors that are eligible to perform work in our city. The list can be viewed on the Emergency section of the city website - This list, along with other pertinent flood information can also be picked up at the City Hall Annex Cashier's Office, located at 4650 Main Street. Should you need assistance or further information, please feel free to contact the Inspections Department at 225 654-6873. The Inspections office is located at 4650 Main Street and is available Monday - Thursday, 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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The Small Business Administration will give Loans up to $2 million for small businesses, small agricultural cooperatives and most private, non-profit organizations of all sizes that have suffered disaster-related cash flow problems and need funds for working capital to recover from the disaster's adverse economic impact. This loan in combination with a property loss loan cannot exceed a total of $2 million. Here is where to apply:

Register for federal disaster assistance, when available, at the SBA Customer Service Center - Call 1-800-659-2955 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339) 


This is a checklist for reopening your business after a disaster.

This simple checklist provided concerns to review as you prepare to reopen.
This guide provides tips for resuming business operations after a disaster.
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The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team from Region 3 will be accepting property owner's requests for FREE CLEAN UP ASSISTANCE to homeowners whose property has been flooded in Zachary. The volunteer disaster relief ministry will be accepting requests at First Baptist Church Activity Center, located at 4200 Main Street starting at 9 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Thursday, August 18th.
If you are in need of assistance in the cl ean-up effort of your flooded home, this team is here to help you recover. The experienced volunteer ministry team can aid in debris removal, gutting of homes, removal of carpet and flooring, pressure washing, disposing of appliances as well as provide mold remediation using Shockwave, an EPA registered sanitizer and fungicide.
"We welcome this ministry team with open arms, and are thankful that Pastor Stephen Byrd, Zachary First Baptist Church has graciously partnered with The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team in an effort to bring relief and assistance to victims in our city who are still reeling from the floods", says Mayor David Amrhein.
We encourage you to drop by Zachary First Baptist Church to sign up for this free assistance. Forms can be filled out on-site or picked up and faxed to First Baptist Church, 225 658-0528 or emailed to
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Storm Recovery Guides For Homeowner
by the LSU AgCenter
Can be picked up at the Zachary Chamber of Commerce

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Southeast Community Health Systems
Collecting Donations

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Zachary Wal Mart Supercenter
Grand Re-Opening
Friday, September 16 @ 9:00 am

Audubon Park
Grand Opening
Wednesday, September 28 @ 10:00 am 
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2016 Chamber & Community Events
Zachary Gleaux Run 5k and 1 mile Fun Run - Friday, September 9  
Code Red Chili Cook-off - Saturday, September 24
RACZ/Missoula Children's Theatre presenting Rapunzel - Sept 26 - Oct 1 
Chamber Membership Banquet & Business Awards - Thursday, October 6
Fall Art Crawl - Friday, October 14
Chamber Shop Local Campaign - November
Mayor's Prayer Breakfast - Friday, November 4
Bank of Zachary Veteran's Day Program - Friday, November 11
Pack The Pantry - Friday, November 11
Cast Iron Classic - Saturday, November 12  
Christmas in the Village - Friday, December 2
Zachary Christmas Parade - Saturday, December 10
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