Painting on Things!

Other than a canvas or watercolor paper, you can easily make a painting on non-traditional surfaces. 

For instance, when invited to participate in fund raisers or auctions, these other surfaces to paint on can include wine barrels, clothing, musical instruments and even bricks! But first, start out with professional, high chroma, creamy colored gesso. Colored gesso? Yep - Holbein has 21 colors, from pastel to metallic gold.

"Economic" gessoes can be problematic... paint not adhering, flaking off, dull or sandy texture are some of the complaints.

This BobBlast shows a wine barrel primed with Holbein gold gesso. After the acrylic gesso has dried, I sketch the composition and image I have in mind with acrylic paint and begin working the painting all around the barrel. The round 360-degree surface feels almost sculptural. 

Watch the video demo! Think 3D Imaging with Paint!  

Toward the end of the video, previously completed "fund raiser" paintings on non-traditional surfaces are shown. Hope this encourages you to do goofy stuff like this - using professional materials! 

The above studio lessons, materials and much, much more are featured in my Workshops, Trade Shows & Expos all over the country! 

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Painting On Things
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