Finding Ideas for Painting Titles - Part Two.

Hi there!  Welcome to the second of a three part series - Finding Ideas for Painting Titles. 

This BobBlast continues from HOW I title my paintings. The title is important to me, so again, when the painting matches the pre-determined title, I will know it is finished - I have archived my goal for this painting. (This keeps me from posting painting images - asking others if the painting is finished)

This BobBlast begins with starting a new series - Soul Mates. I followed these steps:
  1. Named the series that I wanted to do - "Soul Mates".
  2. Used a Thesaurus to get a series of potential titles for this series.
  3. Started a series of daily warm up paint sketches for Soul Mates - titled each before I began.
So - To begin this new series of warm up paint sketches, I first painted a very loose beginning of a couple, together, holding each other, sitting on a sofa. I blocked out the basic shapes first - in black and white only. That's all I painted in Part One.

Now, in Part Two, I develop the image, loosely and quickly. I begin introducing a dominant overall color tone, using my Goof-Proof Color Wheel. Throughout all these layers and levels of painting on each painting, I constantly re-establish the darks and lights. (I usually lose them along the way...)

These practice pieces - I call them paint sketches - are now ready to finalize with my focal point color and two spice colors. These daily practice pieces are my initial warm ups before moving on to larger paintings. 

In Part Three, I will finalize these paint sketches.

Practice... Practice... Practice...

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Part Two
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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