Paint a Cup - Starting with Lights and Darks.

Welcome back to another BobBlast! This one is all about practicing Paint Sketching a lot more. 

Starting with one, single, everyday subject such as a coffee cup, sitting on a sunlit table in the morning. Be aware of the shadow - plus the lights and the darks. 

This demonstration illustrates how I begin by wiping a warm-colored gesso all over the canvas. Then, using a simple color palette of red, yellow, blue, black and white - Sketch the cup with a brush loaded with white acrylic paint - it is a loose drawing of ovals and lines until the sketch satisfies me. It is a good start for painting in the lights... then the darks. It's only a sketch painting at this point, so stop too soon and let dry!

At this time I'll hang it on the studio wall so I can study it and see what's next.

Materials used in this BobBlast:
Cheap Joe's 12x12 canvas
Skin Safer Barrier Cream by Marvelous Marianne
Holbein Orange Gesso
Holbein Artist Acrylic Imidazolone Yellow
Holbein Artist Acrylic Primary Magenta
Holbein Artist Acrylic Compose Blue #2
Holbein Artist Acrylic Mars Black
Holbein Artist Acrylic Titanium White

Thank you for your interest, questions, comments and support!

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"Paint a Cup - Starting with Lights and Darks" video.

Paint a Cup using Lights and Darks
Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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