How I Paint Figures without Painting Figures.

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This BobBlast is titled How I Paint Figures without Painting Figures. It is an adventurous way to get unexpected results and surprises while painting figures. Whether you are working on a pre-gessoed canvas or a gessoed sheet of watercolor paper, the technique I sometimes use is called "reductive painting" - taking some of the paint away. 

To do this, I usually use isopropyl alcohol-soaked Viva towels to wipe away the wet acrylic paint down to the white gesso ground. First, I start by painting a medium tint over the entire surface. Then after that initial tint has dried, I add a dark color over the top of it - and while it's still wet, I wipe away and lift off the paint until a figure appears out of the dark color.

Start with removing a spot for the head, then move and wipe as you proceed downward to the feet. This is only a start - not meant to be a final image, however, sometimes it turns out pretty cool at the beginning too!

Practice, practice, practice...

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How I Paint Figures without Painting Figures
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