Neutral Colors from the Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel.

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Here's a good question from a fellow painter - I was asked about the subject of neutral colors and how the neutrals relate to the Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel. 

Here's what works for me... Neutral colors refer to colors toned down by adding white, grey or black. Also neutrals are made by combining a color with its complementary color. 

Since my wheel has no "complementary color" across from one another, I simply revert back and use the Universal Color System and add its complement. This becomes my neutral. To control the desired intensity of brightness, I add white and sometimes black. This may not appear academic, but the same formula is used when using my Goof-Proof Color Wheel - only the exact colors are different from the Standard Wheel. That's how I work.

Watch the video for explanation and demo:  Simply put - a two-color palette, plus white, grey or black - makes a beautiful range of neutrals. At times, instead of white, I'll substitute Unbleached Buff Titanium White. 

Another way of saying this... to dull or neutralize a color, add a very small amount of its complementary color. The original colors will start to grey down. Now, the color grey is considered neutral - it has no real color name. It's quiet and safe, making it useful around all the other pure colors.

Watch the video for explanation and demo: One more thing I do... Using two complementary colors to achieve a neutral color, brush the entire painting surface and let dry. That's my dominant underpainting color. So now, when I paint, I'll add the original two colors, allowing the under color to peek out haphazardly in spots. The pure colors tend to pop on top and alongside the neutrals.

Practice this for a day or two and your learning experience will not be ... in the Neutral Zone.

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"Neutral Colors from the Burridge Goof-Proof Color Wheel. " video.

Neutrals Colors from the Burridge Goof Proof Color Wheel
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