Studio Tip - Make your Paint Brush Easier to Hold.

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Traditionally, I have found paint brushes have long, thin handles. These skinny handles can be a challenge to control, especially for those of us with "hand issues" such as arthritis or stubby fingers. 

And another thing! Holding and squeezing the brush near the ferrule (the metal tip) increases tightness in your fingers AND the outcome for a tight painting. Since I advocate a looser style of painting techniques, holding the very end - the farthest part away from the brush end - encourages a looser painting style and less detail.

So... making the thin handle thicker at this point is much more comfortable.

I have designed and patented this idea for a future paint brush. But in the meantime, here is how you can turn tour existing brushes into a more comfortable and custom fit for your hand!

Wrap aluminum foil around the handle tip - use several layers until it feels bulky. Put the brush in your hand, holding it around the foil and slightly squeeze. Next, using vinyl tape, wrap and seal the aluminum for a brush handle that is now lightweight and is a custom fit for you.

For how to hold a brush, here is a photo of Matisse with his long handled brush - even better, watch a vintage film of Matisse painting outdoors. He holds the long brush at its tip. Need I say more?

Watch the demo below - you can see how I do this - AND how I paint loosely with my custom-handled brush! 

More paint time and less hand fatigue... promise!

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Custom Handled Brush
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