Weekly BobBlast Issue 316
Starting a Black and Painting

Welcome Back to Another BobBlast!
This week's BobBlast is the third in the series of Contrasts. The first BobBlast in this series discussed Warm and Cool, last week's featured Big and Little. This BobBlast takes advantage of using only black and white acrylic paint!

First, the big advantage of using black and white is there is less of a chance of making a colorful, muddy painting. No color! Next, without the distraction of color, you can focus on the shapes, their edges and a clear focal point at the very onset of the painting.

I start with a light grey tone wash - the mid tone. And while the paint is still wet, I sprinkle a few drops of isopropyl to make small eddies and ringlets in the paint. All special effects!
Next - and you will see in the demo - I focus on the graphics of the alphabet letter "C" and the variations throughout and all over the painting. The composition is "meandering" - illustrated by my drawing back into the painting with more black and white acrylic paint.

So, that's your painting assignment! My concepts are usually simple, but I rely on being inventive, inquisitive and most importantly, a mad scientist with a paint brush! I am so thrilled to be a painter - especially right now, every day. And, boy do we ever have LOTS to paint, right now.

Stay where you create. Start with Contrast.

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•July 31, 2020
Final day for entries

•Linda Kemp, juror

•Open to artists 16 years and older
•Artist’s artwork must be original and current - created within the last year
•Paintings entered must be 2D painted surfaces and can include collage and other mixed media. No photography please
•No size requirement
•RBS reserves the right to refuse any work submitted
•$25 registration fee - Maximum of 3 pieces per entry

to view prospectus and apply!

Looking forward to seeing your work!
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February 8-10, 2021
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March 6-13, 2021 - New Date!
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage in Mexico
Casa de Los Artistas
Boca de Tomatlan, 10 miles South of Puerto Vallarta 
Contact Robert Masla, (413) 625-8382

March 29 - April 7, 2021
Essential Holland: Tulips in Spring River Cruise
Loose, Impressionistic Sketching & Painting Workshop
Sponsored by Dillman's Art Workshop Retreat
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April 12-16, 2021
Larger & Looser!
5-day Workshop (Monday-Friday) 
Kudzu Art Zone, Norcross, GA
Contact Kathy Kitz, Workshop Coordinator, (770) 263-7832 

April 26-30, 2021
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
Workshop Location - TBA
Montreal, Quebec
Contact Lucie Michel, 514-889-8191

May 9-15, 2021
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
5-day Painting Workshop (Monday-Friday)
Hudson River Valley Art Workshop
Greenville, NY
Contact Kim LaPolla (518) 966-5219 or (888) 665-0044
PO Box 659, Greenville, NY 12083 

May 17-21, 2021
Larger & Looser Abstracts
5-day Workshop (Monday-Friday)
Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff
Boone, NC
Contact Edwina May, Workshop Coordinator (800) 227-2788 

June 15-19, 2021
Abstract Acrylic Painting & Collage
Dillman's Arts Workshop Retreat
Lac du Flambeau, WI
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June 22-25, 2021
Burridge Mentor Program
Dillman's Arts Workshop Retreat
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November 29 - December 9, 2021
Paint Cuba with Bob Burridge
Explore Amazing Places
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(623) 888-1314
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Starting a Black and White Painting
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