Weekly BobBlast Issue 395
What a Mess! - Part Two

Welcome Back to Another BobBlast!
So you’ve painted a mess… Now what?? 

The previous BobBlast featured making an abstract floral bouquet from a mess of loose, colorful splatters. This BobBlast continues our messy series - concentrating on ethereal trees! 

The demos in this week’s BobBlast illustrates the three steps I take to practice painting painting these abstract trees. The two techniques are my Drip Trees and painting a Single Tree, using Reductive Painting.

Demo: Single Tree, Reductive Painting:
This demo starts off with making a mess with up to four colors plus black and white. I dab the paint on with a paper towel - dab, don’t scrub. You do not want to make mud. After covering the entire paper with paint dabs, let dry. 

Using your creative visualization, use a large brush and opaque paint to get rid of everything that does not look like a tree! This is negative shape painting. Don’t forget tree trunks, branches and sky holes!

Demo: Drip Tree Technique:
Step One - I always start my "drip trees" as wet drips loaded with color. 
Step Two - I work with many layers of drips, elongating them into tree trunks, letting the paint dry in between the layers. I will also shape the tree tops and make sky holes so the birds can fly through!
Step Three - The final stage is where I go in with an opaque color and do a little negative-shape painting to get rid of the trunks that are not needed. Reductive painting is the "official" name for this technique.

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For me, a painting is never finished - it just stops at interesting places!

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Hope you have enjoyed these short, weekly blasts!
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What a Mess! - Part Two
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BobBlast #395 - Video run time 9 minutes, 20 seconds

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