Dark against Light... Dark against Light

Painting Dimension and Drama


In drawing or painting, it's not always about detail. It's about getting the simple darks down and the simple lights down first -  Darks and Lights.


Most painters worry about doing the details first. I think it's about getting the gesture of darks and lights down first. Where is the light coming from and where are the darks? Get this established first and the rest falls into place. Connect them and you have your painting! Go for the simple shapes first.


If your painting looks flat and unexciting it's because you don't have a strong, single source of light. Make your painting more dramatic and 

exciting by using more darks against lights; strong shadows; and one 

part that is the brightest area in the painting.


Punch it Up!


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Dark again Light" video


Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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