Painter's Keys - What are These For?

These wooden wedges are called keys. They are used to stretch a canvas tighter by inserting and wedging in the wooden keys at each corner. The reason to use these keys is eventually the canvas fabric sags or loosens.

If your canvas has many dimples or just plain sags, you can fix it, as long 

as the bump is in the canvas and not in the paint. These bumps are caused by improper storage, such as another canvas leaning against the surface 

of another canvas.

These dimples are easily fixed by soaking the back of the canvas with a 

wet sponge and use a lot of water! Within minutes, the fabric will shrink 

and tighten the canvas back to its original stretched tautness.


Tighten Up!

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Painter's Keys - What are These For?" video


Painter's Keys


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