Clean Your Brushes!


Sometimes I forget to clean my brushes after painting. The next day I 

find them dried up and ruined. 


If I don't clean up at the end of the day before leaving my studio, the 

next morning it feels just like going down to the kitchen in the morning - 

after not cleaning up after last night's party.


Don't throw away your dried out or gummy brushes! Instead, soak them overnight in concentrated CitraSolv...  a natural house hold cleaner found 
in most health food stores.


My new studio habit is to clean up every night! I get fresh water for my buckets and clean my brushes (and my hands) with CitraSolv.


Check out their Artists' Page too -


Keep it Clean!


Don't forget. Watch the video!


Click HERE to view "BobBlast issue 56

Clean Your Brushes" video


Clean Your Brushes!  


Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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