Loose Composition Painting.

A strong graphic composition can help create a bold and definite artistic statement. Plus, I like to think of the composition as the structure the painting is built on.

For my "compositions of choice" - I have chosen twelve pictorial graphic designs. Knowing your different  Design Compositions is  helpful when you get  offtrack and need to refocus your color, your composition and your original intention.

Before beginning a painting  - I  review the 5 Cs...
  1. What is the Concept?
  2. What is the Color Combination?
  3. What is the Composition
  4. Commit to your Original Concept.
  5. And then, continue the series!
The first brushful of paint puts the design down quickly. 

To stay loose in your compositions, check out the exercise in the Video!

Don't forget. Watch the video!

Click HERE to view "BobBlast issue 61
Loose Composition Painting" video
Loose Composition Painting

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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