Packing your Art Materials when Flying
in other words... How NOT to have TSA take you aside.

I fly around the world with my acrylic and watercolor paints. I do not travel on airlines with my oil paints. Oil paints mean "flammable" so I don't fly with oil.

But when I do travel with acrylic and watercolor, this is what I do:  
Be upfront with what's in your suitcase. I travel with two suitcases. 
One for me, one for art materials. BOTH are checked luggage.

When the suitcase is opened, immediately a hand made sign "waterbased art materials" explains everything TSA needs to know. Also in the suitcase are my brushes, paper, canvas and jars or tubes of paint, packed in 
ZiplocĀ® bags and marked "water based art materials." Everything goes in the suitcase.

Three more suggestions: 
  1. All the jar lids and paint caps are double tightened and taped. More insurance against leaks. Everything packed in ZiplocĀ® bags and marked.
  2. Also, I suggest you don't pack your favorite non-art weird stuff - you know, like glass, wires, stones, hammers. Ship that stuff ahead of time.
  3. And last advice to you nervous artists going through security - SHUT UP! Seriously Shut Up! All I say is: "Yes, No, Paper, Watercolors." 
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Packing Your Art Materials When Flying  

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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