Bright Colors vs Mud - How to have Both.

When color comes out of the tube or jar, it's the brightest THAT COLOR will ever be. Then, the more we handle that color through over brushing or scrumbling, it dulls down and has a tendency to get muddy - away from it's original clean, bright color. This is good info to know if that's the effect you are going after.

Another piece of handy information - How to Tone down color - just a bit - without loosing its original color saturation. This is what you do - A few drops of the complementary color will knock back the brilliance and may lean towards a neutral tone. But - there's always a but - too much complementary color into the mix guarantees, shall we say, "earth tones"... mud. 

It's all good to know. This is general information we all seem to forget at times - especially when in the middle of painting!

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"Bright Colors vs Mud - How to have Both" video.

Bright Colors vs Mud How to have Both

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