Painting Step Two & Step Three

This BobBlast is a continuation of the previous Blast, issue #80 "Painting Step One."

I started by choosing a design composition and determined my color combination, using my Goof-Proof Color Wheel, Painting with 4 Colors.

As a reminder... 
Step One - Painting the Dominant Color all over the surface in various 
shades of that color.

Step Two - The second color is my Focal Point color. The Focal Point is usually the reason I wanted to paint this image in the first place.

Step Three - Close to the focal point color, I add the two Spice Colors. 
Just a small amount of each.

So far, at this point the painting is still loose and abstract - It's like all the elements are in place. Now, while the surface is still wet and before the 
paint dries, I begin to paint the painting.  Again, this technique is only one approach among many others. This one works for me.

And... in the next BobBlast, I'll pick up where I've left off and see about finishing this loose beginning!

Under every good painting is a good abstract painting!

Don't forget - Watch the video!

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"Painting Step Two & Step Three"
Painting Step 2 and 3

Love, Peace & Happiness,
Robert Burridge
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