Painting Table Cover

This BobBlast is a short studio tip!

In my studio, my painting table tops are used as my palettes. I paint flat on tables - it makes sense the palette should be also. 

But first, the tables are covered with plastic sheeting found in better hardware stores. Specifically, plastic polyethylene, 4 feet x 50 feet - and very importantly, 4 ML thick.

Cover the table top and tape the plastic down tight with strong, sticky packing tape. This will become your reusable and permanent palette. 

I re-use my plastic for many days and when I have a build-up of many layers of paint - I wait until it is dried. Then, I can peel the paint off the plastic. The plastic is clean again and I have 100% acrylic paint "skins" that I will use as collage material.

Remember - In order to peel off the paint skins, the paint ideally is 3-4 days worth of dried paint and thick enough to peel off in large sections. You can use either side, by the way!

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"Painting Table Cover"

Paint Table Cover

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