May 4, 2018
Dear Armstrong Community,
Since the end of Science Day last Friday, I have been recalling the many wonderful scenes that were
occurring throughout campus. To go along with the excitement and activity, there were smiles, laughter, wonder, amazement and insightful questions. I saw and heard science all across campus - both inside and outside of classrooms. 
I left campus Friday, marveling at the way so many faculty
members were involved in presenting programs for our students. Children were wide-eyed, eager to throw a paper plane, shoot a fizzy rocket skyward, build a protective package around an egg, plant in the garden, investigate static electricity, experiment with air pressure and learn about ecosystems, the
sun's energy, the coral reefs and run across a pit of Oobleck! The Tree Frog Trek stations were busy with students handling exotic animals, dissecting squid or blowing humongous soap bubbles on the
ball field. Five seventh graders taught younger students how to view micro-organisms through a microscope and a pair of eighth graders shared a demonstration and led investigations relating to surface tension of liquids.  The mission of Science Day was "to inspire  and involve students in
scientific exploration, 
hands-on discovery and close-up  investigation, leading to a greater understanding of, appreciation for, and respect toward the many fields of science". 
Our students learn b
est by doing, and Science Day lends itself to the learn-by-doing approach. Mission Accomplished! 
Science education is not a one day occurrence. Every day on campus students observe, infer, collaborate, inquire, and use their hands as kinesthetic learners to help them gather and process information and develop an understanding of the world around them. Still, Science Day 2018 was a wonderful opportunity for us all to celebrate science across the grades. Thank you to everyone who contributed in innumerable ways to the success of this day. - Danny Meyer, Science Day Coordinator

 Please sign into Student Services prior to going to your child's classroom or anytime you're on campus. 
You are required to sign in at Student Services for safety reasons. 

Important Safety Reminder:
For the safety of our students, please remember they must
exit your car at drop-off only from the passenger side. 
Please  DO NOT
 use cell phones when driving onto campus. 

 Important Upcoming Dates:
May 7-10
  • Drama Rehearsal at Theater (2-6pm)
May 9-10
  • 5th-6th Grade Drug Education
May 11
  • Musical Production    (7-9pm) Location: Bayside Performing Arts Center,         San Mateo
May 12
  • Musical Production      (6-8pm)  
     Location: Bayside Performing Arts Center,         San Mateo
May 17
  • Class of 2018 Reception (5-6:30pm) Location: Armstrong Courtyard
  • Art Opening  Reception      (3-5pm) Location: Armstrong Multi
May 18
  • 8th Grade Dance (6:00pm-8:30pm) Location: TBA
The Poetry Cafe invited students and faculty to recite a favorite or original poem.

Lower School students 
recited during  Library Class.  Middle School students  visited with a scheduled class or  at morning and lunch recess.  They Dressed in retro 1960's San Francisco style and French Poet Style.   The library  was  transformed to a poetry cafe   to include a stage, music,  and comfy seating

Tickets on Sale Now! 
The Drama Production will be May 11th (7pm-9pm) and  May 12th (6pm-8pm) at Bayside Performing Arts Center in 
San Mateo. 
For tickets and information 

Teacher Outings
There are still spots in some teacher outings.  They are all on 
Wednesday, May 23 after school.  Each student can only do one activity.
To register, contact  Jill Jacobson at 
650-592-7570 ext. 1265 or
Awesome Armstrong Kickball Game
Lower School Students only
Bowling with 3rd Grade Teachers
Limited to current 3rd Grade Students
5 spots left
Pedicure with Ms. Reuter and
 Ms. Howe
Limited to current 2nd and 3rd grade students
4 spots left
Improv Workshop with Mr. D
Lower School Students only
Avengers Movie with Mr. Peruzzaro and Mr. Killin
Middle School Students only
Trampoline Party with Ms. David, 
Ms. Roffman and Ms. Lewis
Middle School Students only
Pamper Me Beauty Bar and Spa with Ms. Zee, Ms. Elfeky and Ms. Hunter
Middle School Students only

Are You Ready For Summer?
Summer School and Summer Camp Registration Has Started
To secure your child's place, please complete the registration form through the link below. Armstrong families get priority registration for our summer program.  Available spaces for current Armstrong students are filled on a first come, first served basis (this includes receiving the registration form and payment on Smart Tuition) and are limited by class size. 
Any remaining available spaces after February 5, may be filled with non-Armstrong students.
Program Dates:
July 2- July 27, 2018,
with no school and no camp on July 4
Morning Academic Program for rising 2nd-7th grade: 8:30am - 12:30pm
Note: classes may be combined based on enrollment numbers per grade level 
Afternoon Camp Program: 12:30pm - 4:30pm
Morning Academic Program for rising 2nd-7th grade: $2890
Afternoon Camp Program:$1730
You will be billed directly through SMART TUITION

*If you are currently awarded financial aid with Charles Armstrong, your child's summer school tuition will also be eligible for financial aid. If this applies to your family, please contact Madonna Uyenoyama in the business office at 650-592-7570 x1228 to assist you in calculating your summer school tuition payment. 

Armstrong's Summer School provides students entering Grades 2 through 7 daily instruction in math and language arts remediation in addition to strength-based classes such as art, music, and dance. In small group language and math classes, teachers foster a supportive learning community that focuses on review and reinforcement of academic skills. Our program uses the same curricula and teaching methods that we employ during the regular school year. All classes are multi-sensory, and allow students the opportunity to gain confidence in a supportive and rigorous learning environment. Families have the opportunity to attend one parent-teacher conference at the end of the session.
Main components of the Morning Academic Program:
*         Community-building class meetings and assemblies
*         Small group language arts remediation with particular emphasis on spelling and decoding skills
*         Small group math instruction
*         One strength-based class (such as Art, Dance, Music, Stop-Motion Animation, and Cognitive Development)
Academics Overview
Small Group Language Classes
In the Grades 2 and 3, language arts classes follow the Fundations and Wilson Reading Systems. Both programs focus on phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling. They serve as intervention programs to help reduce reading and spelling failure.
Language arts classes in Grades 4-6 follow curriculum from the Just Words, Wilson Reading System, and Language! Program by Voyager Sopris Learning. Just Words is a highly explicit, multisensory decoding and spelling program for students in grades 4-12. It encompasses a sophisticated study of word structure with explicit teaching of "how English works" for both decoding and spelling automaticity. Language! integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, foundational skills, and spoken English.
In the 7th grade, language arts classes follow the Language! program.
Small Group Math Classes:
The small group math classes in the lower grades focus on review and strengthening of concepts, such as number sense, basic place value, addition and subtraction, and time and money. In the upper elementary grades, teacher focus on advanced place value, multiplication and division concepts, and fractions. Math in middle school focuses on fractions and decimals, numerical operations, and number theory. Math teachers use multi-sensory strategies and methodologies to support students' deep understanding of math.
If you need more information contact 
Note: classes may be combined based on enrollment numbers per grade level 

Please remember to phone in your child's absence to the Attendance Line at 650-592-7570 Option 1 by 9:00am each day your child is absent, going to be late, or out of the classroom for testing or vacation. Please State:
1) Child's Name
2) Child's Classroom
3) Reason for Absence

Lost & Found: 
Please write your child's name
and classroom # on all
sweatshirts and jacket!!
Each week the bin is emptied.
Labeled clothing is washed and
returned to the classrooms.
Clothing that is not labeled is
donated to the Uniform Bank.

After School Care 

The After School Care Coordinators are:
Jennifer Herrick, Meghan Jauregui & Patrick Hughes

Lower School Location:
 Armstrong Campus Library

Middle School Location: Room 20

Hours: 2:45-5:30 pm M,T,TH, & F
12:45-5:30 pm Wednesdays 

Contact Number: 650-730-6152

Team Teaching & Communications 
We ask that when you send an email to your child's teacher, please include all the teachers in your child's classroom. You can find their names in the class placement list emailed to you this summer or on WhippleHill. 

How to Email a teacher:
Use their first initial and  full
last name +

How to Email teachers by room:
Example: all teachers in  room 4=

How to email teachers by grade level:
Example: all teachers in 7 th grade =

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