Thursday, August 2, 2018
Unless you have a child in the Religious Education (RE) program , you might easily miss the Sunday morning hubbub on the first and third floors. In fact, you probably know more about the Summer Challenge than about what happened in RE last week. Fair enough: it’s exciting that some All Souls members have donated $35,000 and a challenge to raise another $35,000 by Labor Day. But you should also know the good your extra gifts will do, such as supporting RE for children and youth.

Many of our children start their life in our community with a child dedication ceremony, where we, the congregation, “commit ourselves to the nurturing of these children … dedicate our minds and hearts to these children, and to their parents … [and promise to] be worthy guardians of these young lives.”

That’s the work we do, as custodians, guardians, and mentors. We work to remind our children that they are surrounded by love, to nurture their spiritually, and to encourage them to explore and question the world around them.

  • Our preschoolers begin the journey by learning the most basic tenets of Unitarian Universalism (compassion, interconnectedness, and equity).
  • Our elementary schoolers participate in workshops where they are introduced to concepts such as meditation, composting, and voting rights, relating them to the church’s monthly spiritual themes.
  • Our middle schoolers, navigating one of life’s most awkward transitions, are empowered to question beliefs, form their own opinions, and recognize the value they bring to the church, their communities, and the world.
  • Our teens find that, through their struggles, the youth group is safe, welcoming, and affirming.

And RE does wonders for not-kids, too. Teachers and workshop leaders, who otherwise would have little contact with children and youth, report feeling uplifted and fulfilled by the relationships they’ve formed in RE.

That’s where your money goes—to our children, our village, our Beloved Community. Please consider an extra gift to the Summer Challenge.

Dolores Miller, Director of RE for Children and Youth
Maxine Hillman, RE Assistant
James Ploeser, Youth Coordinator
Anya Pines and Olivia Howard, Nursery Attendants

The Coming Week
Saturday, August 11

Souls in the Center Have Another Game Day . Join us for a fun afternoon of games. RSVP here . Sat., Aug. 11, 2:00-5:00 pm, Jen Bruneau’s place.
Sunday, August 12

Rev. Louise Green, guest preacher . Inner Ground for Doing Justice. In the midst of cultural swirl, political fractures, and haters hating, day-to-day life can feel chaotic. This we know. We are called to bear witness, and act with clarity and equanimity, in such a time as this. How might we move from more strategic inner awareness to make bold change in the world? A sermon about organizing within and without.

Housing Committee meeting. Spend an hour making things happen: an education series, Columbia Heights Village volunteer programs, WIN actions, and more. 11:45 am, Longfellow Room.

Mindful Souls provides an opportunity to meet in community regularly at the church for meditation, followed by discussion led by congregants or others from our broader DC community. We welcome all who wish to attend. Every Sunday, 12:00 noon, classroom 2.

Still Here, Still Strong Rally. One year after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, white nationalists are bringing their hate to DC. To counter their message, a coalition that centers leaders of color and other vulnerable identities is organizing a rally in Freedom Plaza to celebrate the resilience and resistance of minoritized communities. An All Souls member injured in Charlottesville will speak. The rally will be positive and non-confrontational. With safety in mind, it is scheduled to end before the white nationalists are expected to be in the streets. Details may change; find updated information at . 12:00 noon-3:00 pm, Freedom Plaza.

Wednesday, August 15

Rev. David Pyle will answer questions regarding his assessment of All Souls’ governance systems . You can read his report here . 6:00-9:00 pm.

Souls in the Center Have a Happy Hour. Let’s celebrate Wednesdays at our new location! Join us for a beer, cocktail, or wings fried in waffle batter. A good time to meet folks in a quieter, small-group setting. Look for Mike Easterly (202-534-7726) at the bar; then we’ll move to the back. 7:00 pm, Grady’s (2210 14th St NW).

Saturday, August 18

Souls in the Center Have a Potluck. Questions? Contact Ariana (703-981-9781). 5:00-9:00 pm, Ariana’s place in Falls Church.

Sunday, August 19

Young Souls August Brunch. RSVP on Facebook . Questions? Contact Cora ( 12:00 noon, meet in Pierce Hall after service.
Children and Youth Religious Education
RE registration for the 2018-2019 year has begun. Register at . All children in Nursery–High School must be registered. Remember to indicate on your registration form the way you would like to volunteer.

This Sunday, August 12th
K and up begin in the Gym. Then proceed to the Studio for Chapel, then to Gym for follow up activities.
We’ll continue our exploration of Folktales and Fairy Tales with “Tall Tales: Paul Bunyon & John Henry”.
Preschoolers (Room 5) will explore the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”. They’ll act out the story, cross “bridges”, and talk about siblings.
Middle and High Schoolers encouraged to help with the younger groups. Student Service Learning hours available.
Nursery in Room 4. Loving care, climbing, books and bubbles, with our Nursery Attendants, Anya Pines and Olivia Howard. Headsets available for listening to the service.


Help needed : September 2nd & 9th with Preschool
 Contact ( or
Saturday Aug 25th “All Hands, All Souls” Join us for a day of community building as we prepare our building for a new church year. Lunch provided. Something for every age!
Sign up in the Lobby, or let me know where you’d like to help.
Sunday Aug 26th Blessing of the Animals service. All animals, real and imagined, welcome. No RE classes. Nursery only
“Teachers” needed for the 2018-2019 year in the following classes:
2nd Service- K/1st, 4th/5, and Middle School
All adults welcome. Much support provided!
Teacher Orientation- Saturday, September 15th 9:30-12:30

Dolores Miller (; 202.517.1469)
Board of Trustees
We’re listening! Trustees are available for conversation at our listening post in Pierce Hall, typically the first Sunday of every month, or email .

Trustees do their best to post draft monthly meeting agendas on the Board’s page on the Church website. Look for it there in the days before the meeting. Here are the upcoming Board meeting dates: Sep. 26, Oct. 24, Nov. 14, Dec. 12.
All Souls seeks a Field Organizing Consultant to support the Reeb Project for Voting Rights this fall. The Field Organizing Consultant will work with All Souls staff and Reeb Project volunteers to implement a non-partisan get-out-the-vote program in two or three targeted states, in partnership with other area UU congregations and progressive grassroots organizations. This position is designed to leverage our strong record of volunteer engagement and to increase our activity during this critical election cycle. Applications due by Tue., Aug. 21, 9:00 am. See the full posting at

The Leadership Development and Nominating Committee is recruiting nominees to fill three seats on the Board of Trustees as well as officer positions for 2019. Interviews will be conducted starting in early September and a slate of candidates will be announced before the annual Congregational Meeting in December, where new trustees and officers will be elected. If you’re interested in serving, please go to for more information and to fill out an online application. Questions? Contact co-chairs Maya Hermann ( or Chuck Wooldridge (

Believe in radical hospitality? Act on those beliefs! Worship services can be magical, but they don’t happen magically. In addition to the ministers and staff, we depend on the time, effort, and good will of volunteer congregants. Interested in helping? You have a choice of roles to play, and each is important.
  • Worship Associates speak from the pulpit five or six times a year to welcome the congregation and introduce the offering collection. Worship Buddies help setup before services. Training occurs once or twice a year. Contact Jana Owens (
  • Ushers welcome congregants and visitors, hand out the orders of service, and help everything run smoothly and safely. The commitment is only one service each month, so it’s a great way to get involved. Contact Mark Matthews (
  • Greeters welcome visitors and answer their questions, both before and after services. Really important, but easy—once a month commitment and no meetings! Great way to meet people, and you’re already qualified! Contact Gary Penn (
  • Counters receive the offering plates, tally the numbers, and lock everything away in the safe. You’ll serve once a month after the second service and meet a nice group of folks. Contact John Crowe (
  • The Lunch Ministry nourishes the congregation with a homemade, healthy meal about once a month. Stretch your culinary skills! Visit or contact Jerri Husch (ascu.lunch@
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