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ISNA Appoints Lubabah Abdullah to Board of Directors
ISNA Board of Directors has appointed Sr. Lubabah Abdullah to join its team.

Lubabah Abdullah is an attorney in St. Louis, Missouri concentrating in immigration law, family law and estate planning. Her service to the community includes serving as a two-term vice president and later a Board of Advisors (BOA) member for MSA National as well as board member of the Al Salam Day School. She has served on ISNA’s Legal Affairs Committee for the past 5 years and previously served as an ISNA Executive Council member.

In a statement, ISNA President Azhar Azeez said:
"We are honored to welcome Sr. Lubabah to the board of directors. Her talents, experience and knowledge will be tremendously beneficial for ISNA."
55th Annual ISNA Convention
In God We Trust
August 31 - September 3, 2018 | Houston, TX
Featured speaker Dalia Mogahed invites you
to join her at the Annual Convention:
Convention Highlights
  • Over 200 Renowned Speakers
  • 500 Vendor Bazaar
  • Entertainment
  • Community Service Recognition Luncheon
  • Qira'at Competition
  • Matrimonial Banquet
  • Art Exhibit
  • Film Festival
  • Health Fair
  • Meet the Author Program
  • Fun Run
  • Photography Exhibit
  • Children's Program
ISNA Hosts "Unification of the Heart" Conference in Austin, TX Over the Weekend
The ISNA Spring Conference held in Austin, Texas in conjunction with MSA was a huge success with the help from the Nueces Mosque and University of Texas MSA board members.

The program started on Friday night with heart to heart speeches by Yassir Fazaga, Altaf Husain, and Zahra Billoo. Omar Husain led a ‘fireside chat’ at Nueces Mosque later that night. The next morning, the volunteers and attendees were up and ready for Saturday’sspeaker line-up. Altaf Husain talked about accountability and gave the example of Umar (ra) who took it upon himself as khalifa to make sure everything was up to par. He was fearful that Allah would hold him accountable for everything, big and small, that was in his empire. After a beautiful recitation by recent UT graduate Abdulmuhaymin, Imam Dawood Yasin gave an inspirational talk about the extreme gratitude we should have as Muslims born into the sacred ummah- an ummah that Musa (as) made dua to be in. He mapped his speech by explaining qualities of God and how we would, quite literally, be nothing without His constant love, mercy, and guidance. One of the most profound points Imam Yasin made was the comparison between the Prophet (s) in Makkah and the generation of Muslims who know no other homeland than America. The Prophet, like many of young American Muslims today, sometimes faced hate from the community, and yet, the members of the community are one of our own. Imam Dawood said that instead of giving up or becoming bitter when things get tough, we should forgive and make dua to give the community hidaya. Following Imam Yasin, Zahra Billoo talked about doing your job with excellency, no matter what that job is. She emphasized that everyone from housewifes to lawyers to doctors to social workers, everyone has an important place in society. Billoo stressed that we cannot individually change the world, but we can use our time and circle of influence to change the perception of those around us.
After a short lunch break of delicious shawarmas prepared by local Austin refugees, there was a Q&A breakout session where the audience was broken up into ‘college sisters’, ‘college brothers’, and adults. Finally, the night concluded with a Celebration Banquet honoring Mr. Mohsin Lari. The keynote address was delivered by Wajahat Ali, and Azhar Azeez gave a short speech as the guest speaker for the evening. Alhumdulillah the weekend program was very well structured and the speakers gave out some
Join  American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP)  & the Cambridge Public Health Department for an inspiring day of dialogue and collaboration among health & industry professionals on  Saturday, March 31  at  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . The program will convene health professionals, educators, researchers, and public health pioneers to address the following topics:  mental health, entrepreneurship, advancing access to healthcare, patient safety and value-based care, digital health and professional development.  

With two major opportunities for networking during lunch and dinner and a tailored health advocacy training led by  Jetpac , this is an event you do not want to miss! The conference is open to all health professionals and anyone interested in improving the health of Americans. Register today at  amhp.us/conference .
Muslim Youth of North America (MYNA)
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Upcoming Events
The ISNA Conference in South Florida features Imam Tahir Anwar, ISNA President Azhar Azeez, Dr. Jonathan Brown, Ust. Ubaydullah Evans, ISNA Vice President Dr Altaf Husain, Imam Majid & Sr. Aisha Subhani.
ISNA matrimonial banquets provide an opportunity to meet and interact with other Muslim singles in a safe and Islamic environment.
The Chicago Education Forum features pre-conference workshops, knowledge based sessions, celebration banquet and networking luncheon.
ISNA matrimonial banquets provide an opportunity to meet and interact with other Muslim singles in a safe and Islamic environment.
The conference will focus on Islamic education and present sessions for professional development of teachers, principals and administrators.
ISNA matrimonial banquets provide an opportunity to meet and interact with other Muslim singles in a safe and Islamic environment.
The 55th Annual ISNA Convention will be held in Houston, TX over Labor Day Weekend (August 31-September 3, 2018)
Communities nationwide are benefiting from in-depth training, lectures, resources and networking opportunities that ISNA provides through our regional conferences. 

By supporting these events, you are helping us to uplift, inspire and educate others on numerous topics that can improve lives and communities. This lasting impact will positively affect our society as a whole. 

Please become an ISNA Monthly Sustainer to help further our reach and impact together.