Weekly Bulletin - February 9, 2023

Dear Families,

Auction Update!

What an amazing evening celebrating 61 years of St. Louise at the All the World is My School and All Humanity is my Teacher AUCTION! Huge thanks go out to Laura Bonner and Amy Colby and the many volunteers that helped make the evening such a success. The numbers are still coming in so stay tuned for our final total. The highlight of the evening was the frenzied bidding for the “Father Phil Endowment Fund” which raised over $140,000! Thank you to all the amazing supporters, whose attendance and generosity are a testament to their commitment to, and appreciation, of Catholic Education. 

Be sure to check out some of the fun pictures in the gallery below!

SLE of the Month – January (Class Updates)

1.1 Seeks to develop a personal relationship with God as demonstrated by living out gospel values and participating in liturgies, sacraments, and daily prayer.

2.1 Demonstrates a solid academic foundation while using problem solving techniques, technology, critical thinking, and study skills.

Both first-grade classes begin every day with prayer intentions and end everyday reciting either The Our Father, The Hail Mary, or The Glory Be from memory. In addition to the daily prayers, they have also learned that prayer is a conversation with God that can occur anywhere and anytime. They discussed all the ways we can pray and all the places we can pray. They learned that singing hymns is a form of prayer. The first graders were then given the opportunity to think of someone special in their lives they would like to pray for and make a bookmark letting them know they were praying for them.

3rd grade students have been working on breaking apart word problems into smaller chunks. They have been using techniques such as underlining the facts and circling the questions. The students are working on making note of what they already know and identifying what needs to be found. They are using math talk to work together to solve and explain their thinking. 3rd graders have also been practicing their study skills by diligently reviewing their multiplication facts every night. Doing multiplication fact timed tests show their mastery of facts.

Our fourth graders are learning about the 10 Commandments. The first three commandments help them to see that having a relationship with God is essential to their success in life. Each 4th grader chose a Person of Faith to research and find out facts that show us what a personal relationship using Gospel values looks like. They had a special reconciliation service during the month of December as part of their Advent readiness and will attend Friday adorations during the year. As they celebrated Catholic Schools’ Week, they discussed how important it is to be a part of a good school that helps us to problem solve, think through math and work to do their best in all subjects, as they use the assignment tablet and binder to help them be organized in their study skills.   

Volunteer Needed – Health Room help needed on Thursdays.

St. Louise School is looking for a volunteer with first aid training to work in the nurse’s office on Thursdays from 10:30am-1:00pm. Once or twice a month is needed and would be greatly appreciated. If interested please contact Mindy or Tracy at office@stlouiseschool.org or Jane at janer@stlouiseschool.org.

Parents’ Club Positions Available for 2023-2024

St. Louise School is looking to fill the following Parents’ Club positions for the upcoming school year - President-Elect, Social Chair, St. Nicholas Chair, and Walk-A-Thon Chair positions. More information about the positions are given below. Join us on our next Microsoft Teams, Parents’ Club meeting to learn more. Please logon tonight at 6:30pm at the following link: Click here to join the meeting.

Have a Blessed Weekend,

Mr. Fuerte





7:30 AM - 8 AM

St. Louise families are invited to attend.

School Musical Rehearsals


3 PM - 5 PM

Parents' Club Meeting


6:30 PM - 8 PM

No School: Theological Inservice for Teachers


Before & After Kids' Club Closed


St. Louise Night at Seattle Basketball Game



7 PM

School Musical Rehearsals


3 PM - 5 PM

5th & 6th Grade Winter Concert


6:30 PM - 7:15 PM

No School: Presidents Day Weekend


Before & After Kids' Club Closed


No School: Presidents Day Weekend


Before & After Kids' Club Closed


Reported COVID Cases

St. Louise Parish School had 0 reported COVID cases this week.

Thank you!

Thanks to all who helped make the St. Louise Auction a success! We appreciate everyone who attended and generously donated their time, talent and treasure.

We greatly appreciate our volunteers.

Preview Week, Transportation, Set-Up, Clean-Up and Auction Night:

Adriana Alvarez & Mauricio Cuevas

Will Colby

Ana Gonzales

Anabel Gonzales

Aimee Cermak

Maria Juarez

Yodit Kebreab

Melody Litovkin

Silvia Macias 

Mark Magnotti

Colleen Mahon

Paul McCulloch

Angie Ogilvy

Araceli Santiago, Cesar Perez & Cesy Bell Perez Santiago

Edelmira Solares 

Angel Solares

Robert St. Pierre

Catherine St. Pierre

Janelle & Jonathan Taasan 

Penny Williams

Rachael Rivera-Wong & Maya Wong


Sheldon Sequeira

John D’Costa 

Alumni Volunteers

Michael Charles

Tyler Chu

Emily D’Costa

Melissa D’Costa

Braden Russell

Brooke Nowak

Aiden Gregorios

Caleigh Gregorios

Malia Gregorios

Emily Gregorios

Lorina Huey

Kayla McCulloch

Brooke Nowak

Ashley Santiago

Noah Wong

Dessert Dash:

Laura VanNoy, Robin Domondon, Joanna Towse

-Auction Chairs

Knights of Columbus Free Throw Championships

Mika H. won the ages 9-11 girls category.

Nicolas N. won the ages 9-11 boys category.

Brody R. won the ages 12-14 boys category.

They will all advance on to the next round. Hopefully all the way to the Washington state championship. 🏆🏀💯🎉

Everyone who participated did really well and learned a lot about shooting free throws. It was a lot of fun to participate in and watch.



Thank you to those of you who have returned your re-enrollment paperwork and paid your annual registration fee. If you have yet to re-enroll for the 2023-24 school year, please do so ASAP by completing the following steps: 

  • Parent Contract – emailed to you from DocuSign
  • Skyward Information Verification – Log in to your Skyward account and click on the “Go to Enrollment for 2023-2024” link .
  • Registration Fee which can be paid here.

Glassybabys are in - Get yours today!

It is not too late to place your order, they can be shipped or picked up in the school office.

Designed by our very own art teacher, Mika Walker, these limited edition glassybabys make excellent gifts. "Looking Up", celebrates our 2023 Auction theme and "Charger Welcome" commemorates our recently expanded Pre-K Program. A portion of the proceeds goes to St. Louise. Thank you for your support!

Buy Now


St. Louise Night at Seattle Basketball Game



7 PM

Seattle University is hosting a special St. Louise Night at their home basketball game versus their conference rivals, Grand Canyon University. $10 gets you a general admission ticket to see the Redhawks try to stay UNDEFEATED at home and in their conference. Tickets are going fast to this game, so click below to get yours today!


5th & 6th Grade Winter Concert


6:30 PM - 7:15 PM

Book Fair



We need many volunteers to make this a successful event. For more information on the Fair or to volunteer to help, please click here.

Boots & Beauties

Father & Daughter Dance


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Save the date for this upcoming father & daughter dance. All St. Louise girls with a dad, grandfather, uncle or other special male guest are invited to attend.

Questions? Contact Silvia Macias at maciassilvia@hotmail.com


Taco Lunch Fundraiser


The proceeds will go towards our Standing with Haiti project. 

Valentine's Day Candy-Gram

  • For every $25 worth of Charger Cards, you receive a Candy-gram to send to a friend, teacher or student (limit 10)
  • Candy-Grams will be delivered on Valentine’s day

Stop by the Charger Card Window on February 6th, 9th and 13th at 8:30am to complete a Candy-Gram form. For online purchases, please email us at chargercards@stlouiseschool.org

Charger Cards

Charger Cards Regular Window Hours

  • Charger Card window from 8:30am to 9:30am every Monday and Friday 

App for online purchases

  • Download and use the RaiseRight app 24/7 on your phone to make e-card purchases and physical cards that can be sent directly to your home. Note: Online purchase fee is only $0.29 when you use your Bank info. 
  • To enroll see here.   
  • Enrollment Code: 24B7587912L17

*Note: If you need Charger Cards outside of the above time window, please contact Ashley, Kami and Marta at chargercards@stlouiseschool.org.

*Rebate amount required for 2022-23 school year is $125. Note: We take check, cash or credit cards (4% fee for all credit card orders)

Follow us on Facebook – St. Louise Charger Cards

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Looking for a fun and easy way to fulfill all your volunteer hours while giving back to our school community? Look no further! The St. Louise Parents’ Club is seeking a President-Elect for the 2023 - 2024 school year! 

President - Elect Responsibilities:

  • Represent the Parents Club on the STL School Commission
  • Plan Parent Education Events
  • Shadow and support the Board President in order to take over the position the following year.
  • Take meeting notes at our Parent Club Meetings. We only meet once a month for 90 minutes.
  • Fulfill all your volunteer hours just by serving on the board!
  • Complete your 3rd year commitment by mentoring the following President or serving in any other open position on the board. 

Please reach out to Sara Jordan, syjordan03@gmail.com for more information. 

"Joining the Parents Club was a wonderful way to connect with other amazing parents while finding a meaningful way to support our school.” - President, Marta Masferrer 2022 - 2023


Social Chair

The Parents’ Club is seeking a volunteer to help coordinate a couple of social events throughout the school year such as student dances and family outings for the 2023-2024 school year. Please reach out to Sara Jordan, syjordan03@gmail.com for more information.

St. Nicholas Chair

The Parents’ Club is seeking a volunteer to plan a St. Nicholas Celebration in December during the following school year (2023-2024). This event can be as small or as big as your heart desires! A group of volunteers will help make your vision a reality. Please reach out to Sara Jordan, syjordan03@gmail.com for more information.

Walk-A-Thon Chair

The Parents’ Club is seeking a volunteer to shadow our Walk-a-Thon Chair during the 2023-2024 school year, to take over for the 2024-2025 school year!

Come be a part of planning this amazing event and learn the ropes from James. He’s been leading this event for YEARS and has it down to a science. If you enjoy seeing the school community come together and bringing a bright, cheery smile to our student’s faces - please reach out to learn more. Please send inquiries to James Britt, jbritt79@hotmail.com and Sara Jordan, syjordan03@gmail.com.

Playground Supervisor

Looking for volunteers that can help supervise our main lunch recesses from 11:50 am – 1:00 pm. It’s a fun way to watch your child play with their classmates and attending to the needs of all the kids. Current needs are for Tuesdays and Thursdays, either weekly or every other week. No experience necessary. Parents with younger children can bring them along. For more information, contact Ann Marie Sweeney, annmaries@stlouiseschool.org.

Carpool Director

MONDAYS: 1:50 PM - 2:20 PM 



Please contact Vice Principal, Joellyn Jaster, joellynj@stlouiseschool.org if you can help during carpool for one or more days.

Track Coach & Coordinator


The St. Louise Athletic Board is looking for volunteers to serve as track coaches and a Track Coordinator so that we can field a team this Spring. If you are interested and would like more information, please e-mail, jcfawcett@aol.com.




6 - 8 GRADE

6:30 PM - 8 PM

It's never too late to join.

Small Christian Communities

Join Now

A Message from Father Gary

Dear Friends at St. Louise,

Even before the pandemic our parish staff had several discussions about the possibility of transmitting our Masses online, especially for our homebound parishioners. After the shutdown, we had to pivot overnight to offer remote instruction for our school students at home and remote Mass for parishioners who were sheltering in place. Now, our school instruction is completely in person (except for snow days), but our Masses online continue. You probably noticed in the parish annual report that people from 43 countries viewed the Mass at St. Louise last year!

Many people have expressed their appreciation for our continuing to offer Masses online. Just recently, a man who needed to be traveling in the Middle East on a Sunday, and so would not be able to attend Mass in person, expressed his gratitude that he will be able to view Mass at St. Louise from wherever he is. Numerous people who are homebound also appreciate that they can feel such a strong connection to the parish by viewing our Masses (they can also receive communion at home from a trained lay minister, deacon or priest). My own mother watches our livestreams at St. Louise. Her parish did not have the resources to continue offering Masses online once restrictions were lifted on the number of people who can attend Mass – and of course she likes to keep up on what her son is up to!

Remember that Mass is meant to be an in-person gathering of the People of God, and viewing Mass online is a substitute, a second choice, to be used only when needed. It might be easy for healthy people who aren’t traveling long distances, etc., to get in the habit of viewing Mass online out of convenience rather than real need. As we approach the Lenten season (Ash Wednesday this year is February 22), I want us all to be clear about the importance of attending Mass in person for those who are well or have no legitimate reason to miss Mass. The Mass is an active, communal celebration of thanks and praise to God. Much of the meaning of the Mass is embodied in the People of God gathered together, in person, to rejoice in our salvation and receive the very Body of Christ.

If you know someone who has been holding back from attending Mass from concern about getting sick, please let them know that at the height of COVID we installed an air filtration system that eliminates most contagions from the air in the church. In addition, we have maintained a generous “socially distanced” seating section in the church (in front of the Marian wall) – people who need or want to take extra precautions may sit in the socially distanced sections of the church, and everyone is welcome to wear face masks in any seating section if they choose.

If you know someone who is holding back from attending Mass, or even if you yourself have been hesitant to return, remember that our church building is a safe place to gather – and Lent is a good time to come back.

Fr. Gary Zender

Read More


“Father of mercy and God of all consolation, graciously look upon me and impart to me the blessing which flows from this holy Sacrament. Overshadow me with Your loving kindness, and let this divine Mystery bear fruit in me.”

– St. Blaise 

Our awesome library volunteer Danielle Condit, created this beautiful Makerspace sign with items around her home. Thank you!

Congratulations to our Preview Auction Winners.

On Friday, for catholic schools week, students enjoyed sports team theme day.

The Bellevue Police and Fire Department were thankful to receive all the wonderful letters from our STL students.

The CYO girls Basketball team made it to the playoffs on the weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out in support of our students.

Thank you to all of our wonderful auction volunteers.

Thank you for your generous support of St. Louise at the auction.

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