Weekly COVID-19 Update: March 11

I am pleased to see the COVID-19 situation continuing to improve on our campuses and in our communities. Total cases at our University are down to single digits, and across the State of Idaho, cases are following a similar downward trajectory. After two years of navigating this pandemic together, my hope for the future is bolstered by this latest report.
Last week, we updated our on-campus operational levels and guidance. Idaho State’s operational levels are heavily influenced by CDC data, which is released weekly on Thursdays. Face coverings are now optional at all Idaho State campuses and outreach center locations, with the exception of Twin Falls. Twin Falls County remains in the Community Level High category. 

Face coverings will be optional at our campus locations and outreach centers in counties that have a COVID-19 Community Level of Low or Medium.

Currently, the CDC’s metrics indicate the following:
Bannock County
Community Level: Low
Masks optional

Idaho Falls
Bonneville County
Community Level: Low
Masks optional

Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage Borough
Community Level: Medium
Masks optional
Ada County
Community Level: Medium
Masks optional

Canyon County
Community Level: Medium
Masks optional

Twin Falls
Twin Falls County
Community Level: High
Wear a mask indoors
Operational Updates and Reminders
  • The University is continuing our disease mitigation principles and practices. The COVID-19 screening program is operational, and the University Health Committee will continue to conduct contact tracing. Faculty, staff, and students should fill out the Self-Report Form if they have tested positive or are symptomatic, and our Isolation and Quarantine Guidance will remain in place.

  • Even in locations where the CDC’s Community Level is Low or Medium, face coverings may still be required in our on-campus clinics and healthcare facilities.

  • Vaccinations and boosters are still available at Bengal Pharmacy, the on-campus screening site in the Vocational Arts Building, and a number of pharmacies in the community. Visit the Roaring Back Vaccination webpage for more information.

  • If a faculty member feels that they need to shift pedagogies or modality of their classroom, they should work with their department chair and dean.
If the COVID-10 situation continues to improve, I anticipate that we will adjust the frequency of my weekly emails. Our team will continue to monitor and announce any adjustments to this communication next Friday. Our University is moving forward with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Again, thanks for your patience, support, and understanding over the last two years.


Kevin Satterlee
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