Weekly Wrap Up: Additional COVID-19 Resources & News

We're working hard to keep all of our members updated on the latest COVID-19 news. We've updated our webpage with the information below. Click on a story headline to learn more.

The Chamber, WILI and the Chronicle are all partnering with our members and local businesses to put together a comprehensive list of businesses that are open and services being provided. This list includes restaurants, medical offices and social services. For an up to date list please visit   https://www.wili.com .  If you are a business and would like to add your information please follow the link and fill in the form on the bottom of the page.  
The Willimantic Fire Department and several other public service agencies are looking for supplies. If you have any extra of the following or know where they are in stock to purchase please send us an email at  diane@windhamchamber.com .  We are looking for the following: N95 masks, surgical masks, medical gloves, sanitizer,  sani-wipes . Thank you.
If you are a restaurant and are still open for take-out or delivery and would like to purchase a special discounted ad in the Chronicle (very reasonable), here is the information.
We have been encouraging people to support our local businesses by purchasing gift certificates during these stressful times. If you are a business and would like to offer gift certificates but are not set up online to do so, please contact Diane at  diane@windhamchamber.com  and we will include you in our program and get you set up FOR FREE. If you are currently offering gift certificates, please send us an email and let us know.
During this very unusual, demanding, stressful and uncertain times, many of you are going above and beyond and really doing some remarkable things. If you know of anyone who is a “hero”, an organization that has been extra generous or gone out of their way to help people, or just a really unique and fun way of dealing with this situation, please email us the information. The Chamber believes we all need to be reminded that there is MORE good happening than bad, and that our fellow AMERICANS ARE STRONG, PULL TOGETHER AND OVERCOME!!! We will feature all of this in our future newsletters.

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