March 23, 2020

In this notice:
By: Catherine DuBay
In the 7 months my husband and I were empty nesters, we got really good at it. We had no problem filling our time and we quickly settled into a nice, quiet routine. We enjoyed when the kids came home for the holidays and we also enjoyed saying goodbye to them as they boarded their flights back to school. Does this make us callous and uninvolved parents? more>>
Montecito Members are truly the best. When we sent out a notice last week about suspending your dues during our closure, here is what we heard from you:
" Thank you for the offer to prorate dues for this month. Don't know if anyone else has suggested it but I'd be very happy to put the prorated amount into a fund for your staff, and April's dues too. Hate to think of your hard working staff losing their income ."

"I would rather my dues not be pro-rated, but instead that money used to help keep staff members whole during this trying time"

"Our hearts are aching that this is happening, although we understand the need. Instead of a credit to our monthly dues, why not ask our members if we can provide some assistance to your many employees/contractors who are losing a paycheck on top of everything else. My guess is most would be happy if employees & class teachers got paid."

You see what we mean? So, we have created an opportunity for you to donate to the staff. And please, we also understand that many of our members may be out of work as well, so there is absolutely no pressure to contribute.
If you would like a break from the kitchen and a way to keep locals working, we offer a convenient, healthy way to conquer both goals.
Great food at great prices and easy online ordering.
The club is renting smaller fitness items to help you stay in shape while at home. Items include bands, weights, balls and blocks. See order form below.