January 31, 2018

Bluefin Tuna


Celebrate your special someone with this very special fish for Valentine's Day.

Quince Paste


Quince is a fruit rarely eaten alone, but mixed with sugar it makes a wonderful membrillo to pair with cheese...


Flounder/ Fluke

New Jersey and North Carolina

Mark your calendar to celebrate National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day on Sunday, February 18th.  

Nueske's Applewood Bacon 

Wittenberg, Wisconsin

Perfect for Valentine's Day breakfast in bed or on brunch buffet or breakfast menu. Retail or foodservice available .. ... 

Fesh Scallops

Fresh Scallops


All-Natural Dry Packed Scallops are never soaked or treated.  They are tender, sweet and succulent.

Franklin's Teleme

Los Banos, California

From a third generation cheesemaker making this rice crusted soft cheese the same way as the past 100 years.  .....

Fanny Bay oyster

Fanny Bay

West Coast

Fanny Bay oysters are salty, yet sweet (like your Valentine) with a firm, plump flesh.

BLiS Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grade A, dark amber maple syrup aged in specially selected 12-18 year bourbon casks. . ..


Nowegian Halibut

Nordic Halibut

Fortune "Fishes" you a Happy Valentine's Day by providing you the best farm-raised Atlantic Halibut.  Atlantic Halibut has a unique history in Norwegian culture that goes back thousands of years. Images of Halibut have been found carved into rock walls in Norway (probably to bring good fortune to fishing expeditions). Images of Halibut are so numerous that it is clear it is the grandest of all fish - the only saltwater fish to be invoked and worshipped by Norwegian ancestors.  Nordic Seafarms has been farming Atlantic Halibut in Norway since 1995.  Every phase of production from breeding to adult is carefully managed.  Norwegian Atlantic Halibut has a meaty, white and moist flesh.

Callebaut Chocolate - Belgium

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and chocolate is a big part of this holiday.  Chocolate mousse, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate hearts, chocolate drizzled desserts....Callebaut has what you need to create all of what you can imagine.  Their Classic Coating is perfect for dipping fruits or cookies (no tempering required). The Chocolate Mousse Mix creates a delicious mousse, using milk, not cream, cutting down on costs, but not compromising flavor.  There is also a variety of callets and blocks for chefs to create their own creations from extra bittersweet to milk and white and varieties in between.
Callebaut Chocolate is well known for its superior chocolates from Belgium.  They produce high-quality, semi-finished chocolate products to be used as ingredients for many different applications. Callebaut Chocolate is high Kosher Dairy certified and made with all natural ingredients, sustainably grown cocoa beans and 100% pure cocoa butter. The great taste and workability of the chocolate is critically important to Callebaut, and well appreciated and depended upon by chefs.  Being a versatile chocolate, Callebaut can be used to make brownies and bake goods, or to create beautiful masterpieces.


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Vigilant Eats

Start your day with an easy, organic, and full of superfoods breakfast.  Organic, oat based cereal in a convenient cup.


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