Volume 18, Issue 9 | October 23, 2018
What is toughness? Many think toughness is a physical trait. For the student-athlete, that's not necessarily the case. As you'll learn by watching this week's video , Champion coaches and student-athletes know that toughness comes from inside. Hear from Muffet McGraw, Head Coach of the 2018 National Champion Notre Dame Women's Basketball team and from Quinn McKenna, high school senior and varsity athlete. Then consider what toughness means to you individually and as a team.
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Praying the Rosary as a Team
Pope Francis has called on the faithful to pray the Rosary during the Marian month of October. Looking for a special way to pray the Rosary? Try bringing a Living Rosary to your sport team. A living rosary is when people are used to represent each bead of the rosary. Each person leads one prayer of the rosary. Gather your fellow athletes (61 spots in all) to embody the Rosary. If you have fewer than 61 people, you may double-up duties. 
Play Like a Champion has sports themed reflections based on the mysteries of the rosary. Consider praying either a single decade or an entire rosary individually or with your team and reflecting on how God is speaking to you!
Prayed on Tuesdays, Fridays; daily through Lent
4. Our Lord Carries the Cross to Calvary (Matthew 27:32)
As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross.
Reflection:  When we see someone struggling…a teammate who is challenged to complete conditioning or having a hard time learning a new play or an opponent who has been knocked down during a game, become Simon for him/her. Don’t wait to be asked, jump in and lend a supportive hand to help him/her up, give a positive encouraging word or hug. When you do this for someone, you are extending this kindness to and for Christ.
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