Due to the projected weather forecast the 5:30 pm worship service will be held inside this Saturday.
Current Weekend Worship Schedule at POP
Saturday Outside at 5:30 pm
Sunday at 8:15 & 10:30 am
Sundays at 10:30 am
5:30 PM
Communion Served Each Week

8:15 AM Service
Communion Served 1st and 3rd Sundays

10:30 AM service
Communion Served 2nd and 4th Sundays

5th Sundays will both serve communion.

Sunday POP Spanish Language Worship 9:45 am
Sunday POP Amharic Language Worship 1:30 pm
Joen Schultz Receives the Dorris Ward Honor
Bethany House of Northern Virginia has awarded Joen Schultz the Dorris Ward Honor. This annual award is given to an individual who goes above and beyond to help in providing safety and shelter to victims of domestic violence. Joen was responsible for furnishing and decorating the six bedroom renovated shelter. Her talent and generosity made the shelter a warm, welcoming safe place for those in desperate need of a helping hand. THANKS Joen for the difference you have made!
Important Dates
May 14 - Confirmation Faith Sharing
May 14 - Bethany House Event
May 15 - Confirmation
May 18 - High School Bowling
May 20 - 6-8th Grade Escape Room
May 21 - Michael Card Concert
May 22 - Michael Card Bible Study
May 25 - Women's Spring Brunch
May 26 - Ascension Day Worship at St. John's
May 26 & 27 - Last Day of Pre-School
May 30 - Memorial Day (Office Closed)
June 9 - Kindergarten Author's & Artists at 10:00 AM
June 11 & 12 - Graduate Weekend
June 12 - Voters' Assembly
June 19 - Father's Day
July 3 & 4 - Armed Forces Weekend at Worship
July 4 - (Office Closed)
Aug 1-5 - VBS Xtreme/Music Camp
Aug 6 - VBS Xtreme Program at 5:30 PM
Aug 6 - Music Camp Chorus at 6:30 PM

For more details read below, visit our website, or email info@poplc.org
SAVE THE DATE! More info to come.
Sept 7 - Divorce Care for Children
Sept 24 - Oktoberfest
We are thrilled to announce an unforgettable weekend with highly acclaimed singer, songwriter, author, and bible teacher, Michael Card. Michael Card has sold millions of Christian albums and will perform his most famous songs in a special concert with the POPLC Praise Band and Choirs on May 21st at 5:30 PM. The following morning, Michael Card will deliver a group bible study on May 22nd at 9:30 AM in the Sanctuary.

Reserve your free tickets here:

Youth Clubs 12 and 3456 will meet on May 21st immediately following the Michael Card concert and ending around 8 P.M. Meet first in the library for pizza, then we will all go outside together. Bring a jacket for cooler weather, just in case. Arla.Albers@poplc.org
ALL Women of Prince of Peace are invited to attend the Annual Spring Brunch. Please join us for the brunch on Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 9:30 am in the Prince of Peace Fellowship Hall. Look for invitations at the POP Welcome Center to invite a friend.

If you are able to attend, please click HERE to sign-up to bring a dish to share.
Do you have a GRADUATE that you want to recognize? Click below to fill in the form. This includes High school, undergraduate, graduate, trade school, apprenticeship, and more!
Sign up today! (Limited spots for Music Camp)
Prince of Peace is starting a new ministry - Divorce Care for Kids. We will be forming a team and doing our training to get ready for our first session of classes that will begin in September. Please contact Brad Womble if you are willing to be on the teaching team of this much needed ministry. Click HERE for more information.
BoSL News
The BoSL last met on Wednesday, May 5, 2022 and is thankful to share the following:

Personnel and Programs

· As announced separately, PoP has extended a call to Beth Agner for the position of Minister to Children, Youth, and Families. We give thanks and praise to God for this! Please continue to pray for Beth, her family, and her current congregation as they discern God's will for their lives.

· The BoSL thanks the diligent and sustained efforts of the Search Committee to discern and work through this process. Members of the Search Committee included: Karen McLean (chair), Aivars Baumanis, Kris Salmi, Brian Corman, Chris Martin, and Pastor Hayes. We pray that your continued service in this endeavour will not be necessary.

· The BoSL is extremely thankful for the efforts by dedicated staff and lay leaders in the areas of Family Ministry and Education over the past year. In particular, thank you to Arla Albers and Katie Baynard! Your commitment in helping to grow the faith of PoP’s youth is a powerful witness for Christ!

· Recently, a new Church Staff Personnel Handbook was reviewed and approved. The BoSL sincerely appreciates the dedication of PoP’s staff and the lay leadership by PoP’s Personnel Committee in support thereof. Together, we are working for Christ.


· Thank you for your continued support of PoP’s efforts to carry out Christ’s commission of discipleship. Although the year-to-date contributions are under budget, they are seasonally on par. The BoSL discussed stewardship policies and efforts in this regard.

· The BoSL and PoP’s Financial Leaders are preparing for the Voters Meeting on June 12, 2022 with Budget approval as the principal agenda item

April 2022 Finance Report
THANK YOU! Your giving for April was $19,000 over expense. This brought the year-to-date deficit to $15,932. Your faithful giving allows us to carry on a multitude of ministries such as livestream worship and the Pop Kingdom for kids. Please consider what you might be able to do to help finish off the deficit. Blessings, Brad
Now available on your worship bulletins!
Attention - Active Duty Military, Reservists, and National Guard
We at Prince of Peace would like to honor you at Armed Forces weekend July 2 & 3. To complete our slide show of military members, would you kindly provide the answers below to info@poplc.org?
  • Name 
  • Branch of Service
  • Year entered service
  • Current assignment
  • PLUS a photo of your self or yourself with family
You are encouraged to wear your uniform to worship. If you would rather not, please attend anyway.
Thank you! Gary Miller
Thrivent Grant for VBS!
If you have not given your FREE money from Thrivent to an action team yet, then we have a deal for you! VBS could use your funds. Not sure how to designate them? Come to the office of Arla Albers on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons with your Thrivent number and she will literally walk you through it. Each Thrivent member (including children who have policies) are eligible to get TWO $250 grants for their charities per year. It's really easy! Help VBS to be the biggest and best yet with your Thrivent grant!
Summer Women's Bible Study
The Essentials of Effective Prayer
Tuesday nights 7pm on Zoom, May 31 - August 16 (No book work outside of class and come when you can.)

Contact: Liz Taylor liz.taylor@poplc.org
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