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Weekly Communicator

August 11, 2022

Sunday Service

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am in the Sanctuary or via Zoom


or listen to audio only at UUCFM.org

Minister’s Musings:


These last couple of weeks I have been getting to know some of you through committee meetings and one on one meetings. This Sunday, I will begin to introduce myself and we will explore the idea of Pura Vida “pure life”. It can be defined: “to live a peaceful, simple, uncluttered life with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends: a real living that reflects happiness, well-being, and satisfaction.” It is a life I aspire to! I hope you join us in worship. I will be coming to your from Costa Rica via the miracles of technology. You can join us via Zoom or in person in the Sanctuary! I am looking forward to the end of August when I will be with you in person for worship, meetings and social times August 26, 27 and 28. Please feel free to be in touch with me any time at revsue@uucfm.org or by Whatsapp at +506-8891-2847.

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Out of Office

Denise will be out of the office next week, starting on Wednesday. She will return on Tuesday, August 23rd. 

Covid Protocol Update

The efficacy of vaccines and treatments has significantly reduced Covid’s danger for most of us. As a result, the protocols for campus events have been revised: 

  1. Masks will continue to be required in the sanctuary during worship services.
  2. Masks are optional for coffee and other functions in Hobart Hall.
  3. In the library, classrooms, and other small spaces, masks are required UNLESS everyone present agrees otherwise. We’ll continue to be respectful and protective of those of us whose immunity is impaired.
  4. Worship services will continue to be available on Zoom.

Although the Covid risk level will continue to fluctuate, I’m sure all of us hope the worst of the pandemic is behind us. We’ll continue to monitor the risk and change the guidelines as needed to protect our congregation.

Please reach out to me with any questions at UUCFMPresident@UUCFM.org.


Mary Studer

President, Board of Trustees


We will soon welcome Reverend Sue Gabrielson to UUCFM. She will be traveling from Costa Rica several times during her tenure with us. We want to extend UUCFM RADICAL HOSPITALITY to her when we she visits in person. We have the following opportunities for members to consider as we plan for these visits. Please read the information below and sign up for one or all of the options. Contact Helen Leddy and indicate your preferences and availability.

Home Hospitality: Overnight accommodations including breakfast 

If you have a bedroom and private bath available, can provide breakfast for several mornings, and can allow space in your refrigerator for guest supplies, please let Helen know. You may not get much advance notice. You will need to provide a parking space for an additional vehicle as Rev. Sue will have a car. Please understand, too, that Rev. Sue will be here in a professional capacity and may seek privacy.

Hosts: Members who wish to provide meals for Rev. Sue during her stay

If you are unable to provide home hospitality but would like to entertain Rev. Sue for a meal (in or out of your home), please let Helen know. Rev. Sue may choose to request that the meal be prepared and presented to her for solo eating.

Sharing your favorite restaurants, sights to see, and other interesting facts about Fort Myers and the surrounding area

Rev. Sue will want to know more about the Fort Myers area. We can help by providing information about our favorite restaurants, sights to visit, theaters, music, and other interesting facts about the larger Ft Myers community. Please send your selections to Helen.

Thank you for being willing to provide radical hospitality as we welcome Rev. Sue.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are multiple volunteer opportunities available. If you would like to help out, please reach out to one of the following people: 

Sunday Social Hour Kitchen Help contact Dorothy Van Howe

Sunday Tech Team contact Walter Peterson

Brewer Family Gardens contact Bonnie Jean Clancy

Band/choir contact Suellen Kipp

Community Sharing for August

ACT offers a 24-hour helpline, 3 safe shelters, children's program, counseling (both individual and group), an economic empowerment program which includes financial and health literacy, Injunction for Protection legal service, life skills education, job skills evaluation and training along with GED assistance and ESOL. In the non-residential outreach program, they provide long-term counseling, therapy and support, economic empowerment services, a rape crisis center where they do the forensic examinations, advocacy department that provides advocacy through the judicial system, and a legal program for Injunctions for Protection. They also provide community education, professional trainings, and prevention education. All services provided to victims of domestic violence and their children, and survivors of sexual assault, dating violence, stalking and human trafficking are available free of charge.

If you cannot attend in person, you can still donate by mailing a check to the office with "community sharing" in the subject line, or by using the "donate" button on the website and marking it "community sharing". 



Follow the crowd to Hobart Hall for refreshments and conversation after the Sunday Service. 


Recently a series of three discussion gatherings for visitors and newer members was enjoyable and informative for the facilitators(!!)--And several Newcomers were regular attendees! Consequently, planning is underway for a new series of discussions. Watch for details in this space in coming weeks. If questions, contact: judyburget@gmail.com

Join us for a fresh look at Lake Okeechobee Restoration...

  • Update on the current health & conditions of Lake Okeechobee
  • Status of water flows into and out of the lake
  • How a promising new process by AguaCulture could be the game-changer cleanup of the lake and connecting waterways

Register Here

Monday Book Club

The Monday Book Club is discussing the book The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality. Contact Mary Studer for details.

Mindfulness Book Group

The Caloosahatchee Mindfulness/UUCFM Mindfulness Book Group's next selection: BOUNDLESS HEART: THE BUDDHA'S PATH OF KINDNESS, COMPASSION, JOY, AND EQUANIMITY by Christina Feldman. "Compassion, kindness, equanimity, and joy are not only the fruits of the awakened life but also the path to it: attitudes of mind that can be cultivated by anyone willing to set the intention to do so." Contact Helen Leddy for more details.

Poetry Circle 

Come, come, Poets and Lovers of Poetry!  

We read and discuss in detail a variety of poems, often related to our UU experience, usually centered around a weekly theme. Members share their own work for discussion as well, if they want to, but you do not need to be a writer to join. We offer weekly prompts, although there is no obligation to follow them. 

This is an ongoing Zoom group. New members can join at any time, and we really hope you will. Contact Judi Dettorre or Cat Pivetti for more information.  

We meet every other Tuesday from 1-3pm.

November trip to Guatemala

Summer work continues with building a berm on the Shetland Avenue border for perennials and cleaning up and covering (with plants or hay) abandoned beds.


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