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Baylor Lady Bears win NCAA National Championship!
The Bears earned the program's third national title after defeating the reigning champion Notre Dame, 82-81 on Sunday night. Baylor's starting forward Lauren Cox sustained an injury in the third quarter, leading freshman Nalyssa Smith to come in and step up big for Baylor. She went 7-for-9, scoring 14 points and picking up six rebounds. Grad transfer Chloe Jackson had 26 points and five assists. Senior Kalani Brown had 20 points and 13 rebounds. 
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We are thrilled to bring  Lemonade Day  to all parts of Waco this year! We are already underway, working with the enthusiasm and energy that this ambitious program deserves. 
Lemonade Day  is a non-profit organization that encourages kids in our community to become entrepreneurs early on by creating their very own small business; a lemonade stand.
Today’s youth in all parts of Waco have the optimism and energy to become successful entrepreneurs. Teachers and mentors are signing up to guide kids through the lesson-based program. 
They begin by teaching students to have a dream and vision, then create a business plan, and finally, execute the plan on May 4. 
The curriculum has many exciting aspects that we love to talk about: 
1. It encourages the kids to find business partners, or investors, to invest in their lemonade stand. They ask for loans to get started and are expected to pay the investors back.
2. Kids need to pick a spot for their stand in Waco. This allows them to discover real-life lessons in real estate, like traffic counts and commercial areas of the city.
3. The book the kids receive talks about budgeting, income, expenses, and goal setting.
These basic business lessons are the same ideas they can use to start a business in the future wherever they are.
Another awesome part of this program is the requirement of the kids to give some of their earnings back to the community. They are asked to research then select a nonprofit they want to be a part of and donate a portion of their profits to that charity.
On a micro level, we know the program is working. The kids that participate love the idea of making their own money and being the boss of their company for a day. Studies from previous years show participants improving in problem-solving by 82%, self-esteem by 84% and major improvement in communication skills by 86%!
The larger effort at  Lemonade Day  headquarters is strong, and only getting stronger.  Lemonade Day  has reached over 1 million kids since 2007. Our latest information says it's licensed in 72 cities/territories and 3 different countries. 
We currently have 115 kids registered this year. We will have around 30 lemonade stands spread out in Waco on May 4. If you feel called to help these kids, there are several ways you can get involved.
On May 4, find a lemonade stand in Waco and spend a few dollars on some lemonade. They can only count the money they earn.
Donations can be made to this local effort that will go only to the Waco  Lemonade day , and Waco kids.
Registration for this year is closed, but consider signing up your kids next year, or allow a lemonade stand on your business property on May 4th, or tell your friends about this program.
This year we are lucky to have several sponsors that believe in the youth of Waco and want to see this program succeed. Local companies like Texas First State Bank, H-E-B, Canes Chicken, Baylor University, Stiba Wealth Management, KWTX, The Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce, and Watermill Express have donated time, money or services for this to be a success.
We are off to a great start. With so many talented kids in all parts of Waco, there is great potential to bring this fun educational program to many more people in the coming years. With your help this year on May 4, we can’t wait to see many young entrepreneurs running successful businesses all across Waco.

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Transformational Urban Educator Program , a new part of Transformation Waco, is an alternative certification pathway for experienced professionals or recent graduates seeking to become a highly effective teacher through hands-on training. This highly-selective program will only accept and certify the highest-potential candidates committed to serving our students while completing rigorous graduate level coursework.
Location : Five Transformation Waco schools, which are part of an in-district charter partnership with Waco Independent School District .
Compensation:  At least $46,000 annual salary with competitive benefits. Full cost of tuition covered for a Master’s in Education.

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