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The Weekly Connection 
October 5, 2018
Worship Connection 
Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Scripture : I Corinthians 12:1, 4-31 

World Communion Sunday

Rev. Natalie Faulkner

This coming Sunday, October 7, is our Bumper Bag Sunday, when we bring food items for the I-58 Mission.

We received information today that they are in dire need of boxes of macaroni & cheese, canned mixed vegetables, canned black-eye peas, and canned lima beans. When you go shopping or to the store between now and Sunday, won’t you please pick up a few items (or more!) and bring them to church on Sunday?

You can place them in the blue bin in the Fellowship Hall. Each week, a member of our church takes any donated items out to I-58 for distribution to anyone in need. This is a wonderful mission opportunity that we have at church in which we can all participate as we are able.

Thank you so much! Your Missions Team
Connection Groups
Holy Stroller: Every Monday & Wednesday meet in the church parking lot at 8:30am; Friday meet at the PTC KMart at 8:30am

Cinemates: 10/9 @ 10:00am

Giving & Gratitude: 10/10 @ 7pm

Spirit Journey: 10/11 @ 1:30pm
Team Meetings
Church Council: 10/8 @ 7pm

7:00 PM
All Church Council meetings are important; Monday's Church Council meeting is very important. We need to vote on a number of items for Charge Conference. 

All church members are encouraged to attend. All church council members are expected.

Thank you, Doug Kolbenschlag
Methodism 101

Class wraps up October 7, 2018.We will be talking about what it means to be a United Methodist: our history, our core beliefs, God’s grace, and our Holy sacraments. Classes will be led by Barb Combs and Pastor Natalie.

Come and join us as we learn about our church and our heritage. Contact Barb Combs with any questions.  
Help wanted!

The Cancer Support Group of East Coweta meets here at SUMC every fourth Tuesday at 2pm. This group is for anyone in the community who has had cancer, has been a caretaker, or has interest in helping others. This should be a part of our outreach through the Health and Wellness team as a community support group.

We are in need of a fresh start and a new leader . Ivie Bowman has led this group for almost 10 years and is looking to pass its leadership because of her on-going health challenges. If you feel led to lead this group, please call Vicki Sewell at 770-599-6097 or Kimberly Tinsley at 770-599-6151 for more information.
We need you to help this be a success for our children and the community. Save the date, Saturday, October 27, 5-7pm.
Sign-up sheets to help are in the hallway.
In preparation for the Charge Conference, the Church Council will be meeting on October 8, at 7:00pm in the Joy Classroom. At this time the the Council will present, discuss and vote on the Vital Congregation Goals, 2019 Senior Pastor Salary, Lay Servants, and 2019 Lay Leadership Nominations. All members of the church are invited to attend both of these meetings.
Need Your Help!
The local Emergency Response Team (ERT) is deploying to Beaufort on Oct. 15. By Thursday the 11th they would like donations of box fans and 25’ extension cords to take with them and leave for others to use. Donations to SUMC for UMCOR are also welcome. Contact Linda D’Allen with any questions.

Wednesday Night Supper 10/10

Catered : McMaster's BBQ
Children 5-12 years $3; Under 5 Free; All others $7
You will need to make a reservation, as we do have to
purchase groceries and prepare your meal in advance. 
Those without reservations will be served
after those with a reservation.
Please use the Connection Card or let the office know by phone or email before 10am, Tuesday, October 9. Thank you!
Rev. Natalie Faulkner: Please contact Natalie with any pastoral issues you may have d uring the time of Pastor Ashley’s maternity leave. Thank you!

Office: 770-599-3245 Cell: (770) 597-3832  
Sunday 10/7
Bumper Bag Sunday
World Communion Sunday
3:00 PM Disciple Bible Study
3:00 PM Girl Scouts
Monday 10/8
7:00 PM Church Council
Tuesday 10/9
10:00 AM Cinemates
Wednesday 10/10
7:00 PM Giving & Gratitude Connection 
Thursday 10/11
1:30 PM Spirit Journey Connection
7:00 PM AA
Friday 10/12
8:30 AM Holy Strollers - PTC KMart



Rev. Ashley Jenkins , Pastor 

Rev. Natalie Faulkner, Associate Pastor

Barb Combs, Director of Programs

Jim Preece , Organist/Choir Master 

Lee Berry , Administrative Assistant & Finance Secretary 

Bereatha Brooks , Nursery Coordinator 

Polly Watson , Housekeeping 

Gail Noble and John Felbinger , A/V Technicians

Office Email: 
(770) 599-3245

Office Hours: 9-3
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday