April 1, 2021 

Weekly Connection
Dear friends,

Welcome to the time period in our faith tradition that is referred to as The Three Days. An interesting fact about Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and into the Easter Vigil (which we celebrate on Easter morning at our sunrise service) is that they are considered one continuous service of worship. You may not notice this at first, but Maundy Thursday and Good Friday end without our usual closing benediction or other liturgical punctuation. This is quite powerful because we are being invited to be in a posture of worship from the time that we celebrate the Last Supper and Christ’s mandate of love on Maundy Thursday all the way through until we exclaim with joyful gladness on Easter morning.

The journey from the Garden of Gethsemane to the cross of Golgatha to the tomb and then to the empty tomb is a journey we are each invited to take once again this year. I hope you’ll plan on journeying with us. Tonight we will gather by Zoom at 7 p.m. to recount the last evening of Christ with his friends. We’ll celebrate communion, so you are encouraged to have some bread and fruit of the vine with you. The service will end in silence as we contemplate Christ leaving his friends and their seeming inability to know how to stay with Jesus.

Tomorrow is Good Friday. Starting at noon, we’ll have a service available for you to participate in at your convenience. You can visit our YouTube channel. This will be an opportunity to reflect on the cross and on the death of Christ. Good Friday is a challenging day, but you’re encouraged to lean into that challenge - lean into the discomfort that we feel thinking about Christ’s death. At the same time, you are invited to bring all that you are before God as we seek to understand what it means to be Easter people who follow Christ, even to Christ’s death. There will be beautiful music and scripture recounting the last hours of Christ’s life.

Saturday is Holy Saturday - a day off in-between. While life continues, of course, and you might even be making preparations for Easter gatherings, I hope that you’ll remind yourself of the mystery of that in-between moment. It is one of my most beloved days of the year as it helps me reflect on my life — past, present, and future. I sit with the sorrows and regrets, but I also hope and long for what will be around the corner.

And after the Three Days, our journey will bring us, pregnant with expectations and anticipations, to the tomb of Jesus. I hope that you’ll join us for worship on Easter Sunday. Our main service will be online on Facebook Live at 9:30 a.m. You’ll want to pick up a small item for each person in your household before the service. They’re located in the bins outside the church office and you can come anytime. You’ll be invited to open them during the service. If you’re out of town and unable to pick one up, please email me and I’ll tell you what it is as you will either have one or have something that can be a substitute so that you might participate with us!

As I’ve mentioned, we’ll also have a service at 6:15 a.m. on Easter morning. This service will be streamed online, but you’re also welcome to come to PCWS for the service. We’ll be requiring masks and asking people to stay spread out. If you choose to come, please be ready to adhere to these requests. We’ll be gathering in the labyrinth and the whole service will take place there.

Friends, may your journey over the next few days be meaningful, and may you draw closer to God. You are in my prayers as you venture to the empty tomb.
Pastor Erik

P.S. Don’t forget about the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering which we traditionally collect during Lent and Easter. You can read more about it below and contribute online or by check. 
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Sunday morning @ 9:30 a.m.

No matter where you may be in the world, you can feel close to PCWS!
Let's Continue to Fill the can and Support Second Baptist Church of La Grange Food Pantry

Our regular Monday morning delivery has helped to make a greater impact on the community that 2nd Baptist serves. Please continue to remember our neighbors who struggle with hunger and, as you are doing your grocery shopping, consider adding a couple extra items for the pantry. Food items can be dropped off Sunday mornings or any time during the week in the can near the entrance from the parking lot.

Reading those two words may make you shudder or maybe it inspires you to finish going through those last closets, rooms or basement space you didn’t clean during the pandemic!

One of our mission partners, Sharing Connections in Downers Grove, is in immediate need of gently used furniture, household and kitchen items which will quickly go to a new and very grateful household of one of their vetted clients.  

  • If you have larger furniture items, many of our communities are now in the Sharing Connection pick-up area.  You can schedule a pick-up from the volunteer team who will come in the Sharing Connection truck.   
  • For smaller furniture or household items, drop them off at Sharing Connections at 5111 Chase Avenue (by Belmont BNSF commuter station) Monday thru Friday (9am-3pm) or Saturday (9am- noon). 
  • Not sure what Sharing Connections accepts?  This link lists the many items they accept for helping those in need.
Have questions, contact Sharing Connections at 630-971-0565 or contact Janet Andersen.
Interfaith Community Partners
Did you know? ICP volunteers can drive older adults (60+) to get their Covid vaccines if they have no other way to get there. Please think about your older adult neighbors who may need help during this difficult time and share ICP's office phone number: (708) 354-9328
Interfaith Community Partners is a non-profit organization that works together with volunteers to provide escorted transportation for people 60 and better to get to places like physician appointments and therapies. We do not charge our clients and ask for suggested donations, when able. 
Interfaith Community Partners also offers Library Home Delivery Service. 
We need volunteer drivers!  We'll train you via Zoom. We'll work around your busy life. Background check required. Find out more about Interfaith Community Partners - visit their website!
One Great Hour of Sharing:
Because We Are the Church, Together

Life during COVID has been challenging. That feels like an understatement, right? At times, we have all felt disconnected, confined. Missing family, missing friends. Lonely. Worried about the groceries holding out. Unsure of what the future may hold. Imagine feeling all of those things but living in a place or in a situation that was already challenging each and every day without the added pressure of the pandemic. A place where access to food is day-to-day. Access to vital health care is questionable. Finding clean water is a daily struggle. A place where you are denied racial justice or plagued with outright violence and oppression.

But one thing remains steadfast and true: We are the Church, together, no matter where we are, and the Church belongs with those struggling for justice, righteousness and peace for life.

Click the image above to learn more about this year's One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

Visit our Online Donation page to support One Great Hour of Sharing!
Our siblings at Nueva Paz Presbyterian Church in Cuba, especially this week we pray for Grecia, Maria Eugenia, Nilda, and Raul 
Our men & women serving our country in the Armed Services 
The people of Syria, and especially the relatives of PCWS’ Interfaith Women’s Book Group 
First responders, nurses, doctors, and others providing care to others
Ann, friend of Joyce & Herb Smyers
Betty Anderson
Brent Young, son-in-law of Larry & Becky Glasscock 
Caryle Aitken Wilkie
Dan Lewis
Don Swaar, uncle to Jill Dold & Kay Kelly
Eva Kelly, mother of Tom Kelly
Family and friends of Antonina Glos, friend of Cheryl, Peter, Erik, & Alex Hanson
Gary Miller, Brother-in-law of Laura Hepburn
George Bruser, uncle of Donna Kanak & Diane Bonner
George Rodighiero, friend of Lori Carstens
H. Edward Jordan, father of Laura Fruit
Holly Oliver, daughter of Mary Kae Headland 
The family of Inez Martinez, friend of the Merrifield family 
Jake Trego, friend of Tom & Kay Kelly
Jan Fortina
John Kregg
Joshua Haberkorn, grandson of Shirley Pine
Julie Garino
Larry De Vries, father of Mark DeVries
Laura Querry, daughter of Becky & Larry Glascock
Marc Goldstein, friend of Carol Ulreich 
Mary Jo Long
Mary Kate Miller, step-mother of Julie Garino 
Mary, dear friend of Bruce Geary 
Michael De Vries 
Michael, friend of Jane Norman 
Nate & Joann Dardick, friends of Laurie Merrifield 
Norb Mirlenbrink, Uncle of Lori Carsten 
Pat McTiernan, friend of Phyllis DiFrancesco 
Pat White, friend of Becky Glasscock 
Paulette Erickson, friend of Carol Ulreich 
Peter Wilkie 
Phil Kasik 
Ruth Kaduke, niece of Herb & Joyce Smyers 
Shannon Cavanaugh, niece of Phyllis DiFrancesco
Steve Coates, husband of Stephanie Coates
Steve, friend of McMahon Family
Teri Tuffner, aunt of Candice Mares 
Terry Moore, friend of Mike Pelton
Wendy Montague, friend of Candice Mares
Will McLawhorn, nephew of Julie Kelly & Eric Boeckmann
Sympathy to Jill Dold & Kay Kelly and families on the death of their Aunt, Margaret Swaar.
Stephen Ministers Are Available

Does COVID-19 have you feeling some type of way? Depressed maybe? Have you suffered the loss of a job and just can't get back on your feet? Going or gone through a divorce? Grieving the loss of a loved one? Everyone hurts at some point in life and can benefit from a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministers are specially trained members of our very own congregation who provide one-to-one Christian Care to people who need someone to talk to. All caring relationships are completely confidential, free (meaning no charge), and provide emotional and spiritual support to those in need.

If you are interested in learning more about Stephen Ministry please email Pastor Erik or Joyce Rodos.
Celebrating Birthdays:
4/2  Allison Neal
4/2 Laura Cordell
4/3  Grayson Tester
4/5  Addison Cushman
4/5 Stephanie Coates
4/6 Jake Tinaglia
4/7 Andy Hanson
4/8  Win Murray
4/9  Eric Boeckmann
4/10 Mac Weber
4/11  Carolyn Bozek
4/11  Dom Garino
4/11  Jessie Fronk
4/12  Alena Cushman
Thank you for your ongoing support of our ministries, particularly during this uncertain time. 
Annual Report

P.S. Thank you to those of you who attended our Annual Meeting of the Congregation on Sunday after worship. If you missed the annual report, you can click here.
PCWS Office Closed

The PCWS office remains closed during the pandemic. Our office staff are working remotely and on a limited basis. If you need immediate assistance, please email Pastor Erik or leave a message for him on his church extension which he checks regularly, or call his cell. Staff is checking the U.S. Mail daily. The mailbox is a locking box, so please feel comfortable dropping off correspondence directly (including contributions).