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 Two things I love most in life: making people feel beautiful and making a difference. That's why I called this newsletter "Highlights & Contours."

The Highlights are those moments in life when you sparkle, when your spirit glows and beauty radiates from the inside out. The celebration! Contours give our lives meaning and depth--the character-building challenges and causes that matter.

Each week, I'll highlight a makeup tip or a beauty idea. Then, I'll fill out the contours with inspiring ways that you can beautify the world through acts of service and humanity.

Stay gorgeous,
Leora Edut

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A Chocolatey V-day!

Fashion Week and Valentines Day are both a coming. I have something extra special planned for Fashion Week... stay tuned! This week I'm going to focus on 2 things I can't live without love and chocolate. My nickname I've been given by many friends is lovebug and anyone who has a conversation with me for more then 5 minutes learns about my (healthy, I think so) obsession with chocolate.  This is how I met the lovely Lisa Mecray Rogers of  Luxx Chocolates.  She recently sat down with me and chatted about the health, sensuality, and beauty benefits of chocolate.

LEORA: Tell us how one can tap into her divine beauty through a piece of chocolate?

LISA: First I think it's important to say that beauty golden sea saltreally starts from within. Your appearance is a reflection of your physical health and happiness. Chocolate has been known to have special powers combined with tons of  healthy antioxidants it protects skin from environmental damage. Its being used in tons of beauty/spa such as the  Chocolate Delight Body Wrap at Madison Spa

Leora: Share about how chocolate can awaken your sensuality?

Lisa: Its magical qualities are due to a number of things. Chocolate contains small amounts of several psychoactive chemicals so indulging in a piece may induce similar feelings that love does. Chocolate has a stronger effect on the body chemistry of women than it does on men. So perhaps that nice box of chocolates for Valentine's
Day does more than you thought!

Leora: S
 hare with us about your FAVORITE piece of chocolate in the Luxx collection?
Lisahoney pot: I recently created a specific one for a wine and chocolate tasting I  gave, called Honey Pot.  Savory chocolates have not gained much familiarity in the US but are very common in France.  I made a white chocolate ganache infused with honey, fennel and lavender. Filling the inside with an additional strip of honey complimented by a 72% dark chocolate on the outside. This piece was pure artistry as the pairing with the wine caused a taste-gasm in the room I knew I had to add it to the collection!

Leora: Thank you SO much for sharing this with our readers I know I'm ready to place my order for fig and porta box of those honey filled chocolates!!
Tell us about the amazing Twitter Luxx Valentines Day Contest for our readers??!!!

LISA: Tweet @luxxchocolat your name and ideas for a beautiful and sexy new chocolate collection for Valentine's Day.  The most creative one wins a special chef's choice box of 12 Artisan chocolates from Luxx Chocolat

To find out more about Luxx Chocolate and Wine pairings: Visit Luxx at luxxchocolat.com and on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @luxxchocolat and subscribe to our blog Luxx Chocolat Tastings www.luxxchocolat.blogspot.com/ 
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