Blue Rings Bell on Fink’s ESG Agenda  

Strive Management’s ideas seem to have spawned another no-name activist taking on titans and adroitly spinning the press. This time it’s Bluebell Capital—known so far for knocking off the CEO of Danone but otherwise not known on this side of the Atlantic, calling for the resignation of BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. While Axios’ Mike Flaherty believes it’s a longshot, Bluebell, with its 0.01% stake, sent Fink a letter in November that just became public. The letter criticizes the firm’s “ESG hypocrisy” according to reporting from FT’s Brooke Masters -- arguing BlackRock claims it has ESG-focused investment principles. But DealBook noted that Blackrock maintains investments in fossil fuel companies and has refused to participate in ESG initiatives led by Bluebell itself.

While it is unlikely the campaign will work, this activist campaign adds to pressure against BlackRock. The firm is being targeted by legislators in protest of ESG principles that lawmakers say push a liberal agenda. A handful of Republican state treasurers have already pulled billions of dollars in state investments from BlackRock. With Republicans set to take control of the House of Representatives, it’s likely more fuel will be poured on the ESG debate fire, with BlackRock, as well as State Street and Vanguard, caught in the middle as Semafor’s Gina Chon notes. 

Meantime, over at the Business Roundtable, CEOs are feeling more glum than glad this holiday season. That’s according to the latest BRT CEO Economic Outlook Index, in which nearly 150 CEOs surveyed in Q4 indicated a weakening view of the economy. The overall Index itself dropped 11 points from last quarter the largest decline since the beginning of Covid.

Despite the doom and gloom, there were bullish signs within the data. The specific indexes the BRT’s Outlook measures all tallied overall declines across the board. However, on employment, 39% of CEOs still expect their company’s hiring to increase in the next six months. Similarly, 40% of CEOs expect their company’s capex to increase in the next six months and 62% expect company sales to increase. Soft landing maybe. 

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This week, GPPers gathered together for an end-of-year celebration at our CEO Steve’s house—gifts were exchanged, eggnog was sipped and an eventful 2022 was toasted.

If you have some spare time in the coming weeks, check out this year’s winner of the Financial Times’ Business Book of the Year Award, Chip War, by Chris Miller. An in-depth analysis of the global semi-conductor shortage that continues to disrupt international markets, Miller’s account details how the crisis came to fruition, citing factors such as COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainty.

If semiconductors don’t pique your interest, the award’s runner-up, The Power Law, by Sebastian Mallaby, takes readers inside the rich and nuanced history of the venture capital industry.


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