This is my paraphrase of our liturgy found in Psalm 66: 8-20. I encourage you to read the passage and dig deep into your own walk with God and write your own journal entry. God Bless.
A Letter
by Pauli Hubbard

Dear sweet Abba,

How filled to the brim I am this day for your constant companionship. When I consider all the life You have poured into me, my heart almost seizes up in joy. You have been with me in my most favorite memories and even more so when everything in my life made no sense at all! Even there You walked with me, whispering encouragement. 

There have, however, been times, when it seemed you were not present; I couldn’t feel you. It felt like walking through setting up concrete or walking through a Tully fog. I cried out for you! Where did you go? It was only after these times of disturbance that your Spirit gave me understanding of the lessons you desired me to learn. You, always present, even when I could not feel you or hear your soothing voice.

As I consider these times of liminal spaces, the tests and challenges I faced… I shake my head in wonder! You continue to refine me and mold me like a wonderful potter. Oh, Abba, I so want to be willing to your ways, to give you more and more space in my life! So, thank you again for those “red balloon” kind of times when everything is flying high. Thank you too for those refining fires which burn away the unnecessary so that who I am in You shines brightly.

You loving and grateful daughter,