Weekly Director Letter 01/22/2021
Dear Parents,

We were very excited this week the have received a $3800 grant from Miami Dade County for COVID supplies. We were give an electric thermal standing thermometer that the kids love using. As they approach, it shows them a photo of themselves and takes their temperature. If they approach without a mask a British voice says, "Please wear a mask!" We also received an electrostatic sprayer and 28 gallons of the sanitizing solution for it. We plan to have our cleaning crew use it each week when they do their deep cleaning.

We are happy to report that our enrollment is growing! We are grateful for all of your referrals, as word of mouth is our number one sales tool. If you referred family, and they identified you when they enrolled, you will receive a $125 tuition credit once they have been here 30 days. With our increase in students, we are looking to hire additional staff to help in the rooms. If you know of individuals who hold a Child Development Associate Degree (CDA) or an AA or BA in Early Childhood, I would love to meet with them. You can also send them a link to our careers page: https://kidsforkidsacademy.com/careers/

Finally, with February around the corner, please help get your child ready. Each year we do a Valentine's Day exchange in our classes. Our largest class is 12 students to to be on the safe side, please plan for 12 kids (Except Green and Red who only have 6 kids). We ask that each child send in a box of Valentines. To keep it simple, please help your child to write THEIR NAME on each one. This makes it easy for each child will simply drop a Valentine in their classmates' bags. If you wish to send Valentines with treats of little trinkets that is fine, but NO CANDY or baked goods from home. Check out the Dollar Tree stores, they have some really cute items, but they run out quickly.

Have a great weekend,
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S, NBCT

Have a great weekend!
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed. S, NBCT