Weekly Director Letter 03/12/2021
Dear Parents,

This week our kids ages 4 and up spent time using the garden as their outdoor classroom. Students were given a clipboard and a field study guide as they explored what vegetables are growing in the garden. They measured the tallest tomato plant and also counted how many red and green tomatoes they saw on the plant. They also counted how many lettuce plants were growing. We will be cutting the lettuce next week to serve in the school. While exploring, students counted the number of green peppers in one bed and also measured across one head of broccoli. Over the next few weeks, they will continue to work on their field study guides to answer more measurement related questions as well and draw some of the things they see.

You can watch a short 3 minute video of one of the classes by clicking this link.


I am curious how many people will watch...If you do, please make a comment right here in Brightwheel.

The other exciting news is that I am pleased to report is that as off the writing of this letter, 75% of our staff has had their first vaccine! This is just one more step we are taking to help keep your kids safe. Thank you so much for everyone who is doing their part by keeping sick kids home. Remember, if your child has COVID and comes to the school and exposes others, we will be forced to close their classroom for 7-10 days. Please avoid crowds and large gatherings to help keep all our students safe.

Please note that unless you told our staff that you will not be at our school in the fall, the first of three $80 installments will be billed to all families on Monday. This will ensure that we will have a space for your child in the fall. We have split the $240 registration fee into 3 monthly $80 payments at the request of many families who preferred this over one lump sum draft.

Finally, on March 30th our VPK kids will take their cap and gown and group photos. We are exploring doing a video taped graduation show as we are not permitted to hold an attended event. More details to follow. on March 31st we will be taking our class group photos. For kids who were not at our school when we took our fall school photos, those kids can have school pictures taken on April 6th. Stay tuned, flyers will be going home soon.

Have a great weekend,
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed. S, NBCT