Weekly Director Letter 05/07/2021
Dear Parents,
This week was all about MOM! I hope you loved all of the gifts that were made for you this week with love. A special thanks to my teachers who came early or stayed late this week to make sure that Friday was special for everyone! Another big thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Wicks who volunteered their time and talent to take the Mother's Day photos. They have graciously volunteered to do the same for Father's Day so please mark your calendars. At drop off from 8:00-10:00 on June 14th, please have Dad or someone special drop off so that we can capture a photo to share with you. I enjoyed making the little frames for you along with the parent volunteers who also helped glue the wood pieces together. I hope in years to come you will look back on it with fond memories of Kids For Kids Academy.

To view the complete gallery of photos taken by the Wicks, please click on this link:
You will first see the ones that I printed for you, but there will also be a link to ALL the photos they took.

As you know I extended the time by a week for families who wished to sign up for time off over the summer. At this point, the lists have been taken down so that I can use the time off for students to properly schedule our staff for their summer vacations.

This year our VPK, Kindergarten, and First Grade end of the year celebrations cannot involve parents how they have in the past. Please read the class weekly letters carefully in the weeks to come.

I am looking for one parent in each class to be a room parent. I know it is late in the year, and the job will not entail much; just some help with end of the year activities. If you are interested in doing this for your child's class, please let me know. 

 Finally a huge shout out to the parents of Rainbow and Brown Door classes for such a YUMMY teacher appreciation lunch yesterday.

Happy Mother's Day to All!
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed. S, NBCT