Weekly Director Letter 06/18/2021
Dear Parents,

What a wonderful first week of camp we had. This week was all about Dad and those other special people in our lives. A special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Wicks who donated their time and talents for a Father's Day Photos Shoot. We printed the photos for all families. The ones we printed can also be seen and downloaded here:
There were additional photos taken. To view those photos you can click here:
This summer we tried something new. We usually transition kids to their new classes in late August. This summer we have moved most of our students to their fall classes. As summer kids take vacations, some classes are smaller form time to time and this is a great time for the teachers to get to know their fall kids. This way, there will literally be no real transition in the fall.

Next week we will begin our Passport For Fun Program. Students will be "visiting" Africa and learning about life there as they get the first stamp in their passport. Kids in Rainbow, Brown, Orange, Purple, Gold and Silver will have an ON SITE FIELDTRIP on Wednesday, June 23rd. Those kids who are in attendance on that day will be billed a nominal $5 fieldtrip fee unless you tell us you do not wish for them to participate. For that day, the Miami Children's Museum will be here for a visit and a special presentation.

If your child has outgrown their school uniforms, send them to us. We will recycle them by offering them for free to families who want them.

Next week we will put out our recycled uniforms. Families are invited to take as many as they wish. We will also put up a sign up sheet for new uniforms for August. If you wish to order, please sign up so that we can order enough for August delivery. You will not be billed until they come in August.

Happy Father's Day Everyone!
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S, NBCT