Weekly Director Letter 10/29/2021
Dear Parents,

We had a SPOOKTACULAR week at Kids For Kids Academy. Thank you to everyone who sent in treat donations for our students and also homeless kids. We were able to fill 200 bags of candy with more than 30 pieces in each bag. Those candy bags were delivered to Chapman Partnership so that homeless kids in their Homestead and Downtown locations were able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a bag of candy. Perhaps that small token was enough to take their minds off of their homelessness even if just for a moment.

I am sure you saw the wonderful treat bags that went home. Our costume parade was fabulous. In case you don't have Facebook or Instagram, you can click here to see the link to the YouTube video and class photos. We were all exhausted but an amazing time was had by all.

Thank you also to the many parent volunteers who came to help us get ready for the event. As mentioned in Brightwheel, I have another volunteer opportunity, but this one is a home project. If you wish to help fold blocks from a cardboard block kit or help cover them with packing tape after, let me know by replying here or in Brightwheel.

We are in the process of upgrading our class Ipads that are more than 10 years old. I am purchasing 12 IPAD 6th Generations to make it easier for the teachers who are currently trying to send you photos from old Iphone 5's. We are getting small trade amounts on our old IPADS. If you have an old IPAD you no longer use and wish to donate to the school, we can use them toward our trade in.

Here is some exciting Birthday news. As you know, we started allowing families to send in Pizza to celebrate their child's birthday with their classmates. We have another exciting option that we did years ago that is again available. If you wish to have your child's birthday celebration at school to include all their classmates, instead of having a party at home, consider this....The Jungle Gym Activity Bus will entertain your child and their friends for one hour at school for $150.

Click here for more information:

Finally, I want to thank Juan Rojas, father of Pablo Rojas. He made a donation to sponsor our Halloween Event. You should have found his letter to parents and a nice pen in an envelope in your child's Halloween Treat bag along with the glowsticks he donated for the students. Should you need a realtor, please give him a call. If you have a family business you would like to spotlight, let me know. Starting next week, I will be spotlighting the family businesses of our school family.


Have A Spooktacular Weekend!
Beth Rosenthal Davis, Ed.S, NBCT
Kids For Kids Academy