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March 2013  
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dive 96
96th & Amsterdam

75th & Columbus

101st & Broadway



Lakes of Pontchartrain


It was one fine March morning, I bid New Orleans Adieu

And I took the road to Jackson Town, my fortune to renew

I cursed all foreign money, no credit could I gain

Which filled my heart with a longing for, the Lakes of Ponchartrain


- Origin unknown


The Lakes of Pontchartrain - Paul Brady  1977
The Lakes of Pontchartrain - Paul Brady 1977



Hey Buckaroos,


Hope this letter finds you all in fine spirits and ready to celebrate a beautiful St. Patrick's Day; as always, I expect the bars to be bustling. There will be live music at Dive Bar on 96th and Amsterdam starting at 5:00 or 6:00 PM accompanied by corned beef and cabbage to be shared by all. 


Whether you choose to have a pint at Dive Bar, Broadway Dive, or Dive 75 I want to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day. I would also like to suggest that you listen to the wonderful ballad that I have partially quoted above. The most popular versions are sung by Paul Brady and Christy Moore, but Bob Dylan and Warren Zevon have also covered this classic. The song is still as wonderful and romantically haunting as the first time I heard it thirty-five years ago.  So, Erin go Bragh and see you guys soon!


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