St. Matthew's Episcopal Church
"Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day"
- Michael Josephson
2019 Annual Meeting of St. Matthew's
ANNUAL MEETING has been scheduled for Sunday January 27 th at 9 AM . This is a ONE service Sunday. The Annual Meeting is the only time the whole parish gets together to talk about the important matters and ministries of the church. We hope you will put it on your calendar and make a special commitment to join us.

The Parish Administrator is now accepting Annual Meeting Reports. If you are head of a committee at St. Matthew’s please submit a report for the 2018 calendar year to no later than Monday, January 21st.

Have you ever been interested in joining the Vestry, Endowment Board or attending Interior Deanery or Diocesan Convention? You can sign up on the Nomination board in the Parish Hall. Anyone wanting to nominate another, must get that person’s permission first.
We Want to Greet You!!
We have a big building, and sometimes we hear ‘bumps and bounces’, ‘noises and crashes’…and we are startled because we thought we were the only ones in the building…! If you enter the building, and the office light is on, please stick your head in and let us know you’re here. We’re not trying to ‘get all up in your business’, but we want to know you’re here. There’s actually a safety reason as well – if there was an emergency, we do need to know who is inside the building. 

Thanks for the kindness of a ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’!
We Want to Offer You Care
If you or a loved one goes into the hospital, and a visit from your St. Matthew’s clergy would be helpful, please give the church a call (or in an emergency you can call Mthr Betty directly). Because of privacy laws, the hospital no longer calls the Church to notify them of an admission. Sometimes, upon being admitted to the hospital, you may be asked if you’d like one of the chaplains to visit, which is wonderful! However, that is not the same as having St. Matthew’s notified, so St. Matthew's clergy or pastoral care providers can respond. 
If we can be helpful, please call – we want to be able to offer you the care of your worshiping community!
Our time for baptism on Sunday, January 13th has been rescheduled for Sunday, February 3rd at the 10:30 service. Please contact Jessica in the office if you or someone you know would like to receive the Sacrament of Baptism.
Wonderful Wednesdays
Our Wednesday nights are full! The St. Matthew’s Choir , led by Barb Hameister, has regular rehearsals at 6:00 pm in the Parish Hall. If you are interested in joining our excellent Choir, please talk to Barb!
At 7:00, in the Church/Nave, we offer our service of Holy Eucharist, with Healing Prayers and anointing with oil. This is a said-service, without music, and lasts about 40 minutes.
Then, at 8:00, in the Church/Nave, we have begun gathering to pray the ancient service of Compline . Compline can be found on page 127 of the Book of Common Prayer and is a wonderful way to end the day. We live-stream this service on our FB Page. We have been very pleased by the reaction we have gotten, the prayers we have been asked to pray, and the opportunity to reach many beyond the walls of St. Matthew’s. You are invited to come pray the liturgy with us in the Nave, or join us from wherever you might find yourselves at 8:00pm on Wednesday nights. 
Reasons to be an Episcopalian,
From the book compiled by Louie Crew
Louie Crew, an Episcopalian, professor, poet and author compiled a book of 101 Reasons to be an Episcopalian. These are two of the ‘Reasons’ in his book:

‘Episcopalians don’t tend to be demonstrative, no one expects you to should Amen or hallelujah! On the other hand, it’s OK if you do. Donna H. Barthle, Diocese of Central Pennsylvania’

‘Many whom we know well are starved for the spiritual food we receive daily.  Louis Crew, Diocese of Newark’

Church Calendar
God speaks to those who take time to listen, and He listens to those who take time to pray.
Episcopal Word(s) of the Week
Annual Meeting  - OK, it’s really not an ‘Episcopal’ word…more of an Episcopal ‘event’. 

Every Episcopal church, and perhaps some special ministries like college ministries, have an Annual Meeting to discuss things like hopes and dreams of the Parish, or to make changes in By-Laws, or look at the Budget for the coming year. The meetings, as is ours, is often in January (ours is January 27). I’ve noticed that many Churches do as we do, and have a combined service, which either is inclusive of the Annual Meeting, or has the Annual Meeting following worship. Then, there is often a meal of some sort, so that bread can be broken together, and plans for ‘new things’ in the church can be talked about.

St. Matthew’s holds the Annual Meeting in the midst of worship – a wonderful way to recognize that the ‘business’ of the church is always centered in faith…centered always on discerning the will of God, as we seek to be a Light in a weary, worried world.

Again, our Annual Meeting is Sunday, January 27 at 9:00 (One service only).
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