Volume 1 l January 2020
From your President's desk ...........

      A new beginning!
      At this time each year we get a gift – 365 empty pages to fill with a chapter of our lives. And, in 2020 we even get a bonus day – February 29.
           For the past 35 years, I’ve kept myself organized with one of those black wire-bound daily calendars. I have it with me most of the time. Being old school, I avoid scheduling my days on a device that I need reading glasses to use. Just a blank page and a pen keeps me on track.
           These chicken-scratched diaries tattooed with eraser marks and White-Out provide an added pleasure. I get to look back and recall each day through the many dozens of job-related meetings and events as well as gatherings with friends and family. It’s like a year in a nutshell.
           As we begin to fill in the days of 2020 – be it by pen or tapping keys – here’s hoping to all that it’s happy, healthy and prosperous. And if the politics of the local, county state and national campaigns we’ll be subjected to drive you crazy, just push a button and turn it off. Life’s too short!
           I hope to see you soon!

Tom Morrissette 
Central Pinellas Chamber Upcoming Events
Check our home page for registrations, times and locations

1/23 - Focus on 2020: A Tampa Bay Economic Forecast - 7:30a - 9:30a   
2/5 - Coffee An' Networking at SPCA Tampa Bay - 7:30a - 9:30a   
2/13 - Wine Tasting presented by the WLC - 5:30p - 7:30p    
2/20 - Chamber B2B Happy Hours at Slyce Pizza - 5:30p - 7:30p     
3/5 - 14th Annual Business Expo / After Hours - 4:30p - 7:00p    
We’re Off to Tally!
      A Chamber delegation will be heading to Tallahassee next week as part of the annual Florida Chamber Legislative Fly-In event.
           We’ll be meeting with our local legislators and some state Cabinet members to present our 2020 Annual Business Survey and to discuss some of the issues the survey revealed. Again, workforce development, education and transportation top the list.
           Included in the program will be an overview of the 2020 Legislative Session, a State of the State of Business address and a presentation on Florida’s Competitive Landscape. A full report on the trip will follow in our E-Connection Advocacy Edition on January 21.
An Annual Focus Tradition…
2019 Economist of the Year Reveal
       Guests at Focus on 2020 on Jan. 23 will be the first to learn the identity of our 2019 Economist of the Year . They’ll also be able to compete for the 2020 title.
           Each year, a survey of key economic indicators including the Dow average, price of oil, etc., is presented to Focus guests. They get to predict what those numbers/prices will be on Dec. 31. The best predictions earn the crown.
           Mike Malley of Duke Energy, photo left, was our 2018 victor. Will he continue his reign? Join us on Jan. 23 to find out!
It’s 2020! Be in the Know!
Final Two Weeks to Register
We’re about Value!

A new Chamber program year is upon us! And we’ll be continuing to tout our five “value” principles and how each relates to being part of the organization.
            Value of Investment - The Chamber brings members valuable cost-savings resources that directly impact their bottom line. From member-to-member discounts to affinity partnerships - all are designed to lower the cost of doing business.
            Value of Information – The Chamber brings members unique resources. Roundtable discussions, workshops, advocacy on local and state issues, contacts, reference to other businesses, expertise, etc. Information that is timely and relevant to the success of all business operations.
            Value of Influence – The Chamber represents the interests of its members and communities. Whether at the local, state or federal level, it is the advocate on all issues of importance to business.
            Value of Interaction – The Chamber provides its members opportunity. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. Networking events, B2B programs, and partnerships foster relationships that encourage leads, referrals and more business for our members.
            Value of Impact – The Chamber is one of the few, if not the only, organization that can impact the three main pillars in its service area – government, citizens, and businesses. We deliver results that directly benefit our members.
If you would like to assist in volunteering on a committee to help influence these values, just give us a call. It’s another sure way to build business connections. It really is great to belong!
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