Weekly E-News 2021, 5781
April 2 - April 9
Passover Schedule

Service and Candle Lighting times:
Friday night, 4/2: 7:27 pm
Saturday night, 4/3 8:23 pm
Yom Tov ends Sunday, 4/4 at 8:23 pm (may resume eating hametz by 8:45 pm)

Shabbat, 4/3 & Sunday, 4/4: 9:45 am (Sunday includes Yizkor)

Evening Services:
Friday, 4/2: 6:00 pm Kabbalat Shabbat
Shabbat, 4/3 & Sunday, 4/4: No evening services

All services will be held via Zoom at the below information and simulcast on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AgudathAchimSavannah):

Meeting ID: 875 6579 9200
Passcode: Minyan

Fellow congregants,

I would like to invite you to our semi-annual congregational meeting on Tuesday, April 6, at 6:30 PM. Our by-laws require us to meet to nominate members to the Board of Directors. Additionally, I would like to take the opportunity to discuss our post-Covid protocols to date for in-person synagogue services and our plans to re-open to services.
Only these two items will be discussed. Use the following Zoom information to join the meeting:
Zoom Meeting ID: 817 2464 6374
Password: AABoard

If you need help setting up Zoom please e mail or call the office so we can arrange to get that taken care of for you.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss any matters.


Matthew Allan, President

Shalom School is looking for someone to lead our toddler time on Sunday morning once or twice a month. Toddler time is about 1 hour long (storytelling, singing, craft ...).
      If you like working with little ones and have some Judaic knowledge, we would love for you to join our team. Compensation based on experience.
      Please call Eva Locker, Shalom School Principal, at (912)224-4617 if interested.

This Shabbat:
2021 | 5781 
Shabbat & 7th Day of Passover
Candle Lighting: 7:27 pm
Light 8th night candles after 8:23 pm
Havdalah: Sunday night, 8:23 pm
(all times are for Savannah)

There will be no virtual Havdalah this week!

Torah reading (Shabbat): Exodus 13:17-15:26 (Etz Hayyim pp. 399-414)
Torah reading (Sunday): Deuteronomy 15:19-16:17 (Etz Hayyim pp. 1080-1084)
Maftir (both days): Numbers 28:19-25 (Etz Hayyim p, 932)
Haftarah (Shabbat): 2 Samuel 22:1-51 (Etz Hayyim pp. 1311-1314)
Haftarah (Sunday): Isaiah 10:32-12:6 (Etz Hayyim pp. 1316-1319

Shabbat Shalom!
Vaccine Info--Current Phase: 1A PLUS
COVID-19 vaccinations are now available through the Coastal Health District to the following groups

Must live or work in Georgia
People age 16+ are now eligible to be vaccinated
Pfizer is only available for 16 and 17 year olds.
Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are for 18+
NOTE: Some states require more limited eligibility at pharmacies than other vaccine locations

Please call (912) 230-5506 or check their website for vaccination appointments. If you need assistance making your appointment, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you!

Your Online Siddur

A Siddur is here so you can pray
with fellow Jews at the AA

Click the button below!
The Office Hours are from 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
For normal business operations.
All services and programs continue virtually until further notice.
(including Sisterhood and Men's Club events)
Talmud Torah K'Neged Kulam - Torah Study for Everyone

1. Rabbinic Literature Study Group (Thursday afternoons, 2:00-3:15 pm): Take a look into the rabbinic mind and how the rabbis interpret the Torah in this weekly class. Contact Rabbi Henkin for the link to the class

2.  Rabbis of the Mishnah Class will take a deep look into the Rabbis of the Mishnah; who they were and what they were thinking. Our next class will be held on Wednesday, April, 21 Please contact Motti for class link or email mottilocker@gmail.com

3 . Skeptics Class- Thursday, April 8 at 11 am

More classes coming soon, so stay tuned!

Have something you want to learn about but don't see a class about it?
 Contact Rabbi Henkin at rabbihenkin@gmail.com or call the AA office.

All of our regular classes will be held via Zoom, an online meeting platform.
 If you'd like to join a class,
please contact Rabbi Henkin for the class link.
Birthday Celebrations
 April 2
Arnold Tillinger 

April 2
Simone Wilker 

April 2
Phillip Wizwer 

April 4
Meredith Bodziner 

April 4
Reggie Goldstein 

April 5
Harold Sacaloff 

April 5
Steven Smithberg 

 April 7
Rachel Geffen
 April 7
Aaron Goldstein 

April 8
Matthew Allan 

April 8
Sandra Schneider 


April 2
Steven and Anna Berwitz
April 6
Benjamin and Lisa Mackowiak

Yahrzeits For:

April 2 - April 9, 2021
20 Nisan- 27 Nisan 5781

Friday, April 2/Saturday, April 3- 20 Nisan
Rebecca P. Paderewsky- grandmother of Steven Arkin

Saturday, April 3/ Sunday, April 4- 21 Nisan
Micheal M. Krissman- father-in-law of Sally Krissman

Sunday, April 4/ Monday, April 5- 22 Nisan
Soloman Brill- father of Arthur Brill
Florence Rubnitz Haysman- mother of Melvin Haysman
Henry L. Hess- grandfather of Prof Daniel Skidmore-Hess

Monday, April 5/ Tuesday, April 6- 23 Nisan
Dena Bodziner- mother of Richard Bodziner
Julius Waldman- grandfather of David Rosenthal

Tuesday, April 6/ Wednesday, April 7- 24 Nisan
Edythe Z. Metzger- mother of Buddy Metzger
Esther Silver- mother of Sharon Galin
Samuel Ullman- grandfather of Susan Slotin , father-in-law of Harriet Ullman
Nettie Sager Wilf- grandmother of Linda Sacks

Wednesday, April 7 /Thursday, April 8- 25 Nisan
Thelma Landesman- mother of Louise Harkavy, grandmother of Kelly Gordon
Rachel Marcus, mother of Helen Rosengart

Thursday, April 8/ Friday, April 9- 26 Nisan
Lena Slotin Ehrenreich- mother of Sara Jospin
Esther Harkavy- mother of Freddie Harkavy, grandmother of Kelly Gordon
Harold Hirsch- uncle of Stanley Rosenberg
Myer Sherman-father of Phillipa Montag
Morris Vogel- grandfather of Morris Geffen, and Theodore Geffen

Friday, April 9/ Saturday, April 10- 27 Nisan
Elizabeth Hoffman- mother of Kenneth Hoffman

Commemoration of the Yahrzeit begins the evening of the first noted date.
*Denotes Memorial Plaque
Donor Dues Program
In The Community