Sunday Services in June - Beauty
It is fitting that my last month with you gives us the theme Beauty. Beauty is more than that which is pleasing aesthetically. Beauty is a gateway to transcendence, as well as a grounding in our interconnectedness. This month, all the expressions of beauty are welcomed- even the movements of life that bring change and uncertainty. May we offer the beauty we have within to all the growing edges of Life. ~ Rev. Allison Farnum

June 9
Be Still and Know
Beauty of one’s interior life by stilling the mind and finding stillness that connects us with a larger Peace and a larger Love. And as a church to take the transition time as a time of sacred contemplation amidst the typical anxious rush to fix, manipulate and manage. Perhaps the church is part of these larger movements of Love and Peace and taking time for reflection and stillness can provide guidance before making decisions on next moves.

June 16
CUUPS Led Service
Goodbye to Rev. Allison. A pot luck is offered after the service so please bring a dish to share with the community.

June 23
The Rev. Kierstin Homblette-Allen

June 30
Guest Speaker Gini Gottman